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8 natural ways to boost male fertility

Trying to start a family is an exhilarating prospect, and when you’re ready to go for it, you’ll want to be sure that you are in the best condition to ensure your fertility is at its peak. There are several ways to boost male fertility naturally to give you and your partner the best chance of conceiving within a reasonable timeframe.

Take Time to Relax

Stress can mess up all parts of your life, both psychological and physical, so if you’re experiencing high levels of stress, do what you can to reduce the causes. Make time for yourself and start relaxing by incorporating activities like mindfulness and exercise into your day. Small changes can have a significant positive effect.


A supplement blended for fertility, such as Semenax, is a convenient way to get an expert blend of valuable nutrients in one easy-to-take dose. Supplements are also a great way to get micronutrients that can sometimes be hard to get enough of in your diet.


Being overweight can harm sperm count and formation, so increase your exercise to keep your sperm producing at peak performance as well. Moderate exercise will boost the levels of testosterone that your body is producing, testosterone being the hormone required for sperm production.


Going hand in hand with exercise for weight loss is eating a good diet. Cutting down on processed foods and alcohol and increasing your consumption of fruit, vegs, and high fiber foods will put you on the road to better health. You’ll also find you have more energy, making dealing with the demands of a new baby easier.


Zinc is not only excellent for boosting your immune system, but it is also essential for fertility. Oysters as a romantic meal are an old stereotype for a reason, and they’re very high in zinc, and eating foods rich in zinc will improve sperm quality and libido.

Avoid Soy

Soy is terrific for women’s health as it promotes estrogen production; however, this is not ideal in men, especially if you’re looking to increase your fertility as the isoflavones it contains may harm sperm quality.

Keep it loose and cool

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can damage sperm quality, so be sure to choose underwear and trousers that aren’t too tight fitting. Opt for boxer shorts and put the skinny jeans away so that your testicles have a little room to breathe throughout the day.

Get outside

Vitamin D is vital to so many of the body’s functions, and although you can get it in supplement form, the best way to get vitamin D is from exposure to sunlight. Just 20 minutes outside is enough for your body to produce a days’ worth of vitamin D.

Overall improving your lifestyle and aiming to become healthier will give you the best chance to become a father by natural means. Should it not happen within an average timespan, go and see your doctor for further investigations, but at least you’ll go in knowing you’ve done what you can.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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