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Mandy Kloppers

8 Common Dreams and Their Inner Meanings

Dreams are one of the most mysterious factors experienced by a human. Because of this mystery, people are generally curious to know if there are any hidden meanings or messages behind their dreams. This leads to plenty of online and offline debates concerning the meanings of dreams.

When people discuss these dreams with others, they often find that some subjects are common, while others are unique and differ from one person to another. These common dreams pique the most interest in people.


Why Do People Dream?

There is no one definite answer as to why people dream. Some people claim that their dreams are a form of their deepest desire or about something they cherish.

While others suggest that it is a recollection of memories of their loved ones. Dreams may also have a connection with your zodiac sign. You can search here to know more about the connections between dreams, symbolism, and zodiacs.

While all of these can be true in a sense, none of them can be considered definitive. The majority of scientists have accepted that dreams are our brain’s method of keeping important memories in check.

It helps us maintain a connection that enables the brain to make decisions and learn what to prioritize.


Common Dreams and Their Meaning

Here is a list of some common dreams that most individuals have dreamed at least once in their lifetime.


1. Falling from Great Heights

This is one of the most common dreams. Almost everyone has dreamt about falling from a height or tumbling down. And as they are about to hit the ground, they wake up and feel their body shaking.

There are many interpretations of this dream. However, the most common one is that you are going through a difficult time, so you are falling, both physically and mentally, and the dream is the brains’ way of expressing that tough time.

If you keep seeing the same dream, maybe you need to rethink your life choices and make a different decision.


2. Flying

This is the complete opposite of falling from a high place. If falling means that you are making wrong decisions and are overthinking failure. Then flying means that you have been successful in your life decisions, and you feel free and independent.

People who feel that they are successful in what they want, are the ones who see this type of dream the most.


3. Teeth Coming Out

This may not be as common as falling, but many people see this dream. They see that their teeth are coming loose or falling from their mouth.

Different psychologists have different opinions about this specific dream. Some psychologists believe that men see this dream if they are going through sexual stimulation and need to fulfil their sex drive.

As for women, experts believe that this dream means a feeling of fulfillment, like, getting married or getting pregnant.


4. Death

Some people see themselves dying in their dreams too. Although the method of dying may vary among different people, the result is the same.

The most accepted interpretation of this dream is that when people want to terminate something from their life whether it is a job or a relationship, they keep dreaming of themselves dying.

Since death is the ultimate end of all action, their desire to end something results in dreaming about their death. The intensity of death expresses how badly they want to end something. If they die a slow, peaceful death, that means their desire to end something is not that strong. If they die a painful and horrific death, it means they desperately want to end something in their life.


5. Naked In Public

This could either mean naked in your house in front of your family, naked in front of your coworkers in your office or naked out in the open in general. So the location does not matter, the main focus of this dream is being naked.

If you see yourself naked in your dream, it could mean, you are feeling vulnerable and insecure about yourself. And the location could mean the source of your insecurity. If you see yourself naked in public, it could mean you are uncomfortable around new people.


6. Being Chased Around

Being chased around by either an animal or a person, or even a mechanical object like a car could mean different things. First, if you see that you are being chased, that means you are an overthinker. You are complicating your life even though it might not be that complicated.

Secondly, people who constantly try to stay away from their responsibilities, such as avoiding an important meeting through an excuse, are the ones who see this dream. Avoiding responsibilities gradually increases stress and anxiety, which results in seeing yourself being chased by something in your dreams. Unless you deal with your responsibilities, it is unlikely that this dream will stop.


7. Late for Something

This one is very common to people who work in an environment where they need to constantly meet the deadline despite their tight schedule. Due to their tight schedule, they sometimes overwork to meet the deadline.

This extra stress results in them dreaming about being late for something. Some common dreams include being late for the office, school, submitting an assignment and so on. The more stressed out an individual is due to their work, the more intense the dream is.


8. Partner Cheating on You

If you see a dream where your partner cheats on you, that means you have something incomplete in your relationship. Either you and your partner are not coming to equal terms, or you are not getting what you expect from your partner. This shortage results in you dreaming about your partner cheating on you, which leads to mistrust and argument.

Instead of arguing about such things with your partner, sit down and talk if you feel something is missing from your relationship. It will help clear the misunderstanding between the two people.


Final Thoughts

Not all dreams have meanings or explanations. Although we have no control over our dreams, sometimes it is our deep and inner thoughts that shape our dreams. So if we understand what we are dreaming about and know what it means, we can work around that to remove all stress and anxiety and improve our life.