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7 Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

Once the wedding bells chime and the auspicious moment arrives, one can’t help but wish to preserve its memory till the very last minute of it. However, no matter how sharp your memory is, your recollection of the day might fade eventually.

So, what can you do to prevent losing such a precious memory?

Here are 7 ways to preserve your wedding memories:


1.     Wedding Day Photography


There is no better way to preserve memories than to capture them in form of photographs. With a single glimpse of your wedding pictures, you can teleport right back in time if taken the right way. One of the best ways to keep your special memories alive is to place your photos in a wedding photobook. Keeping your precious photos in one place will maintain their quality and an easy way to show friends and family when you want to reminisce.

Memories tend to fade away over the years so you will want someone to capture just the perfect moments for you! Hence, it is important to focus on the quality of service while evaluating professional photographers for your wedding photography.


2.     Wedding Flowers


Flowers hold great significance in weddings, from décor to hair pieces to being an integral part of the wedding rituals. These can serve as the perfect memoir.

In Hindu culture, marigolds play an important role in the wedding ceremony. They are strung together in the form of a garland, known as the Varmala. Without these, the marriage is considered incomplete.

Now the question arises, how can you store a flower that will allow it to last a lifetime? As a matter of fact, there are several ways you can preserve the flowers from your wedding day, here are some techniques you might want to opt for:

  • Resin: One of the best ways to preserve flowers is to resin them. You can combine the resin with already-dried flowers and turn them into beautiful ornaments, or your preferred type of jewelry. Likewise, these can be preserved in form of resin bookmarks and used as a marker to keep in wedding albums!
  • Pressed Flowers: In the Victorian Era, pressing flowers was a popular hobby amongst women. Often, flowers were slipped between book pages to preserve the memory of their special day. Similarly, you can press your wedding day flowers and frame them as a display for your living room or photo journals.


3.     Hang Wedding Photographs in your Living Space


Another method to preserve your memories is in form of pictures. You can put them on display in your living space. So that you are taken down memory lane every time you catch a glimpse of these captured moments at your home.

Here are some creative ways in which you can display your wedding photos:

  • Metal Prints: These are basically metal plates that can be used as a rather classy alternative to wooden frames. Since metal tends to rust quickly you should consider quality and long-lasting material for the long run. So, you might want to choose the best rated metal print labs for this purpose.
  • Wooden Prints: Another creative way to display your wedding photos is to get them transferred on a wood piece. Not only does it give a rustic feel but can also serve as an artsy element to the room. However, the only con to this type of display is that it is high maintenance since wood may catch mold or a termite infestation. If you think you can manage its maintenance then this sort of display can serve as an incredible addition to your living space.


4.     Quilt your Wedding Dress


No wedding is complete without a perfect wedding dress. Often brides tend to spend a fortune to find that perfect wedding gown for their special day. And once the day is over it goes inside a trunk or your storage wardrobe only to be never seen again.

Why let something as precious as that rot like that when you can totally repurpose it? Quilts can serve as sweet reminders of your special day every time you make use of them


5.     Memory Box


You can start a memory box consisting of all the details from your wedding day as a recollection of your memories. In this box, you can include things like catering receipts, your wedding dress, wedding cards, and even the newspaper from the day of your wedding.


6.     Time Capsule


A fun way to reminisce about your special day is to make a time capsule. You can ask your guests on the day of your wedding to write a note for the couple to open at a specific time in the future. Write a note to your partner as well and include your wedding vows.

When the time to open your capsule arrives, you will get to relive the sweet nostalgia of the day with your partner. Perhaps you can even host a time capsule opening ceremony!


7.     Add the Wedding Decor to Your Home


There are no limits on how you can incorporate the tiny bits from your wedding into your day-to-day life. You can use the table runner from your wedding table as decor for your anniversary dinners. Or maybe you can use the centerpiece as a bookshelf ornament.


Final Thoughts


Preserving memories is all about holding onto what matters to you the most. These were just a few examples from our list; however, you can judge better which aspect of your wedding is worth preserving, cheers!

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