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Mandy Kloppers

7 Ways To Help You, Foster Hope, In Your Daily Life

With all the negativity going around in the world, many lose hope every day, and if you ask me, it is heartbreaking. Everyone has different reasons for being hopeless, but that does not mean they will not gain back what they lost.

I have collected seven different ways that will help you foster hope in your daily life, I hope it changes your life and if it does, make sure to share it with someone that needs help,

Remain positive:

When things are not going according to plan or how you expected them to be in your life then that can cause a human being to feel negative and depressed but what needs to be understood is the fact that negative and positive things are going on simultaneously, it’s just that sometimes we close our eyes to the positive things.

Try to change things for yourself by making a list of things that you have gained over the years; it can be a skill, a degree, or a job and be proud of yourself. Another technique that will help change things is to look at people under you in every way. Try to appreciate what you have, focus on the positive things around you, and work hard to get better every day.

Keep focusing in the future:

Everyone has dreams that they want to fulfill, as it is their wish. Thinking about what will happen and once you have acquired your dream, then how will things change and how your life will be different from the present.

Simultaneously, this can also remind you that everything changes, and nothing remains the same; therefore, you need to focus on your goals and how you want your future to be. If you have no ambitions or goals, you must sit down with a piece of paper and start writing so that once you are done with the list, you can start working and moving in the right direction to lead you towards a brighter future and fill you with hope.

Celebrate the success you gain:

I can’t entirely agree with the fact that only big things must be celebrated, I’m afraid that’s not right and heartbreaking. Every little too big success must be celebrated as celebration means acknowledgment of the achievements.


A lot of hard work and dedication goes into gaining success; therefore, be proud of how far you have come, but remember to not reside on the negative self-talk that you try to give yourself again and again. Try to enjoy what you have accomplished and accepted that even if something negative happens in your life, it’s okay. You will be able to deal with it and remain hopeful by expecting both positive and negative.

Try to build relationships:

There are many different people we are associated with during our lives; if the people surrounding you are depressed and toxic, they will make you like them. Still, if you are surrounded by people who support you, love you, listen to you, guide you, and take care of you, you will feel good internally and do great things in life.

Try to stand up for yourself when toxic things are happening and have the guts to leave such people and situations that bring you down; you have to become a role model to other people. A role model has to be hopeful even when they are feeling down as they have to inspire others and see the positive side of things that will help you remain optimistic throughout your life.

Help others:

Helping others will help soothe your soul, and there are many different ways to help other people. You can start volunteering to teach at schools or help at the soup kitchen; you can help donate clothes, money, or food and donate money.

There are people in this that have things worse than you. When you see them, you can feel better about yourself, but that does not mean that you fill your chest with pride because that will be wrong, it means that you fill your chest with kindness so that more and more individuals can be helped. Lives will be changed, and once you become a ray of sunshine in other peoples’ dark lives, things will automatically become hopeful for you.


Leave your comfort zone:

Doing what you always do can make your life boring due to which it is good to leave your comfort zone. You can be afraid of many different things, sit down to make a list, and promise yourself to do two or three a month.

You can wear that swimsuit you bought, bake a cake, go out with friends on that fashion show, travel alone, and spend an entire day at the beach. If this is too much for you, you can start by changing different things such as taking a different route to work, trying a new restaurant, hanging out with your coworkers, and wearing a bold color. These things will not only distract you from daily tensions but will help you become a better, braver, and hopeful human being.

Try to relax:

Some days are tough, but at the same time, some are easier to deal with, but whatever needs to be understood is that you need to relax and let all the negative energy leave your body.

To relax, one needs to take out 30 minutes at the end of the day for yourself, you can call it ‘ME-TIME’, tell everyone not to disturb you and for these minutes, do whatever you want. You can pour yourself a drink, make coffee, and sit in bed with a cozy book, you can Netflix and chill and stare out of the window to stare at the stars.  It is your time, and you must enjoy it, this will relax you and help you become hopeful towards life again.

don't give up

To sum it all up, you can consult a doctor for your depression and anxiety or have a look at Kootenay botanicals as on their website; they sell products that can help you deal with psychological conditions. You deserve all the happiness and good things, but for that, you will have to make a few changes, and once you do, life does become better and better with each passing day.