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7 Trendy Ways to Accessorize This Spring

Fashion is so much fun, especially when springtime rolls around, and you can start collecting your favorite pieces to build or expand your wardrobe. There’s a freshness to the air, and it’s exciting to see how leading designers are defining the new year. And feeling good about your appearance can help to boost your mood and improve your mental state. Even if you’re stuck indoors having something nice to put on can drastically improve your mental attitude. 

With that being said, here are a few accessories to think about adding to your wardrobe this spring.   

  1. The Straw Bag

If you fancy bigger bags like the bucket-shape, then this is your season, according to the style experts at Vogue. The more room the better to stuff all our items inside for gals on the go. 

The gorgeous “It” bag of spring is the straw bag, and if it’s made from the raffia fiber, then you’re at the head of the runway. It is a beautiful texture, an eco-friendly accessory and is also making major style headlines in shoes and belts. 

  1. Candy-Colored Lenses

Catch the rainbow, ladies. Colorful shades are hot this spring, and designers like Michael Kors, Balmain, and many others are featuring sunnies that pop with glamour.  

It doesn’t matter if you prefer big sunglasses to small and sporty styles, it is their hue that will determine their trendy appeal. Look for vibrant shades like blue, marigold, red and green, and choose your candy-colored lenses to get a jump on spring. You can find some great ethical brands for sunglasses from companies like Proof or Warby Parker.   

  1. Fab Phone Cases

Where would we be without our phones, right? 

Protecting your i-phone is always essential, and you want a quality-made case that’ll fit your phone snugly, but you also want a phone cover that’ll be easy to spot at the bottom of your bag. 

Elevate your fashion look this spring with cute i-phone cases that put the sleek and sexy into your wardrobe. 

  1. The Square Toe

Let your feet do the fashion-talking with this eye-catching trend called the square toe. You’ll be seeing the look in sandals, boots, and pumps, and yes, it is quite a unique design, but we’re in a brand new decade for defining style moments. 

If you’re cautious about going all out for the square toe look, try it in a pair of sandals. The trend looks modern and chic. 

  1. Colorful Hair Scarves

It’s a cool retro vibe or hippie-chic look for springtime, and hair scarves are making the fashion scene in a variety of ways. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about this trend is that there are so many great places to find hair scarves without breaking your budget, such as your grandmas closet, or the thrift store.  You are sure to find something that gives you those retro vibes. 

  1. Super-Sized Hoops

Large hoop earrings never go out of style, but this spring, these beauties have been taken to a whole new metal-level. You can find ethically sourced earrings at sites like Soko or ABLE that have a large selection to choose from. 

Talk about a power statement, hoops always look amazing with anything from suits to little black dresses. You can wear one super-sized hoop alone or in a pair. 

  1. Pretty In Pearls

Classic, timeless pearls have become the new hair accessories for spring and are lending refinement and delicate beauty to the fashion scene. 

Top designers like Andrew Gn became very creative with the gemstones by elegantly pinning them into the bases of ballerina buns, into fishtail braids and cornrow braids for the runway. 

Rodarte also used pearls as the hot new hair accessory by sprinkling them through the models’ hair to enhance glamorous retro hairstyles. It’s a very romantic and feminine look.  

Pearls have also been added to hair clips and hair bands this season for a sophisticated touch. 


It’s time to arm yourself with some trendy, hip accessories to welcome in spring and to establish your personal style moment. It will give you confidence and help make you feel like your best self. The right accessories breathe life into any ensemble you put together, so be creative, check out street style, and you do you! 

Like Marc Jacobs says, “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” 


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