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7 Things Men Really Notice On a First Date

What do men notice about women on a first date? This is one of the most puzzling questions that most women ask themselves when they want to be at their best before meeting a man. You might invest in high heels or put on the best make-up but there are other things that men notice about you immediately that you’d never think of.

Research studies show that a man’s attention span is short-lived. However, on a first date, he’ll notice everything by looking at the lady in a sexual and non-sexual way. There are a couple of things that men notice in the first six seconds of meeting a woman.

These men don’t just stare at your breasts or mentally write poems to tell you how sweet you are. Even if you are meeting with a shy guy, there are some things that he will notice about you. In this article, we are going to share with seven things that men really notice on a first date. Let’s get started!

1.      Your sense of humor

As much as most guys would love to make their women laugh, your ability to do the same can be a huge turn-on. And he’ll make a mental note of it right away. Your jokes might be dry or broad, but anything that makes him smile will earn you big points. You mustn’t look like you’re trying too hard to make him laugh. Stay calm and let the conversation flow.

2.      Your appearance

When you meet a person for the first time, your eyes will start scanning them automatically. One of the first things men notice about women is their eyes. Men like ladies with bright shiny eyes who don’t avoid eye contact. If you avoid making eye contact because you’re shy, he’ll start questioning your attraction to him or assume that you are in a bad mood.

A man will also notice your smile. How often do you smile when you are around him? If you smile a lot, he might think that you are warm and friendly. If you smile with your mouth closed, he’ll think that you are reserved. If you don’t smile at all, he might think that you’re in a bad mood or you simply aren’t attracted to him. Your date will also take a mental note of your make-up and hair. Some men simply love a natural face while others love makeup.

This is why pulling off the no-makeup makeup look works great for first dates. If you want to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, going too heavy on the eyeshadow might be too much for a casual first date. Instead, you can add length and volume to your lashes by either a volumizing mascara or wearing eyelash extensions. Just make sure they fit your eye shape and are not over dramatically long, for quality lash extensions visit here.


According to custom papers, men also enjoy looking at your curves. They’ll focus on how short your dress is and how much you are showing. They’ll notice whether you are athletic, muscular, or curvier. They’ll also try to decode the message behind your dressing.

3.      Your voice

While this may not be the first thing a man notices about you on a first date, it will determine whether he decides to take you out on a second date. A guy will be aware of your voice especially if it’s soft and sexy or obnoxious. Your voice can change a man’s perception of you. While you don’t have to change your tone to impress a man, it will affect how he thinks about you.


4.      Your smell

Your scent is the one thing that a man will certainly remember after parting ways. It can linger on your hands, clothes, or linen and remind the guy of the beautiful woman he just met. As proofreading service reports, it’s important to use soap and perfume that you are comfortable with. However, it shouldn’t be something that most girls or women wear all the time. A nice and unique smell will keep him thinking about you.

5.      Your boobs

Unless you’ve concealed them completely, any warm-blooded male will notice your breasts the first time you meet. Man has been programmed to seek them out just like bees and flowers. How you choose to present your boobs will determine how a guy thinks about you. Some men will love it when you present them like trophies. Others will enjoy it if you preserve them along with some mystery. It’s entirely up to you and the type of guy you are going to meet.

6.      Your confidence

The energy you exude is one of the most important things a guy will notice when you’re meeting for the first time. There is nothing more attractive to a guy than a confident girl. If you are assertive and have high self-esteem, a guy will take note of you immediately. No matter what your characteristics are, you’ll be the one thing in his mind for a long time.

7.      Punctuality

Men notice how punctual you are because it shows how seriously you are taking the date. If you show up on time, he’ll think that you are organized and committed to appointments. How you arrive at the date location will also determine what he thinks about you. Avoid having your exes or male friends drive you to the date since your lover might not appreciate it.


There you go! Seven things that men really notice on a first date. The most important thing is being yourself during the date. Don’t try to change yourself or impress your date. Let your date love you for who you are.

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