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7 Fun Ideas to Enjoy Your Weekend at Home

Weekends are those days when you can kick back and relax after a busy week at school, work, etc. It is that time of the week when you can let your worries melt away; leave work and school drama behind.

There are many relaxing things to do over the weekends in the comfort of your home. Whether you live alone, with flatmate(s), or you have a family.

Keep reading because there is a fun activity for everyone if you are clueless about making your weekend fun.

  1. Watch Your Favorite Movie

Each day has been stressful all through the week; your brain needs to relax and be refreshed. Watching your favorite movie is a fun activity that will calm your nerves and entertain you. To watch your favorite TV shows, here is a list of websites you can check on.

Watching movies is an indoor activity, so even on a rainy day, you can enjoy your weekend.  All you need to have  a perfect movie experience at home are;

  • A big-screen HD smart TV
  • A good multimedia sound system
  • Massive collection of movies
  1. Try Out New Recipe

Weekdays are filled with workloads that you barely have time to prepare your meals to your taste.

On weekends, you have all the time to yourself. It is time to prepare meals and try out new recipes that will make your weekends memorable. Besides, your kids can also learn how to cook.

Most healthy food for weekends includes; salad stuff, crackers, cereal, bread, fresh fruit, little milk, low-fat yogurt, and nuts. When you combine the feeling of getting your desired meal and your kids learning some cooking skills, You will surely enjoy the weekend.

  1. Do Stress Relieving Activities – “VAPING”

Vaping involves inhaling vapor using an electronic cigarette. According to Wikipedia, an electronic cigarette is a device that simulates the smoking of tobacco. It comprises an atomizer, a power source such as a battery, and a container often referred to as a cartridge or tank.

It can help you quit smoking and is usually less expensive than smoking. Also, vaping is much less harmful than smoking and does not pose a threat to those around you like smoking, as there’s no current evidence that second-hand vapor is dangerous to others.

Vaping with friends or alone is an enjoyable and calming activity that is more than likely to make your weekend fun as relaxing. You can get the best deals on smoktech range of products from here.


Image by Ethan Parsa from Pixabay


  1. Play Chess Game

Chess Game is a logical reasoning game that can enhance the critical thinking abilities of its players. It is highly recommended for kids as it will improve their analytical skills.

Chess is a two-player game.

You and your flatmate(s) can enjoy the game as long as you have a chess game box. Even when alone, you can download the game app on the play store and enjoy a challenging, fun game with a computer.

It is fun when your smartphone displays “You Win” on its screen.


Photo by Deva Darshan from Pexels


  1. Play Hide and Seek Game

Hide and seek is a historical outdoor game that you can enjoy with your family on weekends. If you have a wide-open environment around your home, then you should try out this historic game.

You only need yourself and your family or flatmates to play the game.

To play the game;

  • Gather together outdoor
  • Choose one person who will seek others – instruct them to close their eyes.
  • Others spread out and hide.
  • The chosen one will start seeking for others after 1 minute
  • Anyone found from their hidden place will join in seeking for others
  • The thread continues until everyone is found
  • Immediately after everyone is found, the game players will cheer happily.
  • You can repeat the procedures to continue the game – this time, you should choose another person to close their eyes while others hide.

Hide and seek is a good exercise and fun activity – It helps you burn some calories.

  1. Consider Shopping

Chances are you need things you couldn’t get during the week. The weekend presents a time to walk up to the grocery store and shop.

The weekend is the best time to go Shopping. It becomes more enthusiastic when you go with your lover or kids. But that may become stressful as you will need to drive a car and walk around the supermarket.

Fortunately, in this present era, you can shop for your favorite gadgets and clothes even in the comfort of your home with your smartphone. Streaming products’ graphics with your kids can be entertaining as your kids will be curious to know about every product displayed on the screen.

  1. Read Books

Reading is a mentally challenging task. Folktales, fun stories, and comics are great books to read with your family. If you are an avid reader with no time during the week, the weekend is the best time to finish reading that book.

You can even read folktales, and comic stories can entertain and educate you simultaneously – as you may learn new vocabularies even as you have fun. Laughing out loud is inevitable if you read folktales and comic stories together with your family.


There are many other fun ideas to make you enjoy your weekend at home apart from the seven listed above.


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