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7 Benefits of Having a Good Health Insurance

It’s no secret that keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, but it can be especially challenging when you’re on a tight budget. Healthcare can be one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to pay for. So how do you ensure that you and your loved ones are as healthy as possible without breaking the bank? Well, one way to do this is by having good health insurance. Here are seven benefits of having good health insurance:

1. To Fight Lifestyle Diseases.

Many people believe having good health insurance is unnecessary, as they think they can avoid eating bad foods and stay healthy. However, this is only sometimes the case. Even if you are healthy, there are still many lifestyle diseases that you can get. These diseases can be very expensive to treat and often require long-term care. For example, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and one of the most preventable illnesses.

2. To Safeguard Your Family.

Good health insurance can protect your family from expensive medical bills if something happens to you. It can also cover preventive care, such as cancer screenings, which can keep your family healthy. Additionally, some health insurance plans may provide coverage for mental health care and prescription drugs. Good health insurance guarantees that you will care for yourself and your loved ones in the event of an illness or injury.

3. Emergency Costs.

If you ever need to go to the hospital, know that having health insurance can greatly reduce your emergency costs. According to the website WalletHub, people with health insurance are likely to spend less than those without on average. For example, people with health insurance are more likely to receive free or discounted care at the hospital and less likely to pay out of pocket for their treatment. In some cases, having health insurance can even cover 100% of your emergency costs. So if you ever find yourself in a bind and need medical help, ensure coverage.

4. To Deal With Medical Inflation.

Medical care costs are rising, affecting everyone, not just those who can afford to pay more. A good health insurance policy can help offset some of the costs associated with medical inflation.

5. To Protect Your Savings.

Like most people, you probably have a healthy mix of investments in your savings account: stocks, bonds, and maybe some real estate. But what if something happened to one or more of those investments?

An affordable health insurance policy can help protect your savings from unexpected events such as serious illnesses or accidents. Depending on the type of policy you buy, it may also offer protection for your home, car, and other assets. In addition, many policies offer financial assistance in the event of a loss.

6. Tax Benefits.

Health insurance is not just a necessity for those who are uninsured, but it can also provide many tax benefits. For you to take full advantage of these tax benefits, it is important to understand which policies qualify as health insurance and which do not. Health Insurance that qualifies for the deduction includes policies that:

  • Are issued or endorsed by an employer-sponsored group health plan. 
  • Provide coverage for hospitalization and medical expenses. 
  • Have been offered to employees during the calendar year.

Coverage that does not qualify for the deduction includes policies that:

  • Are issued or endorsed by an individual or family health plan. 
  • Only covers hospitalization and medical expenses. 
  • Have been offered to employees during any month of the year.

7. Free Health Checkup.

Free or low-cost health checkups are a great way to keep your health in check and stay on top of potential problems before they become serious. By getting screened for common problems early, you can avoid costly medical bills and prevent long-term health issues.


A good health insurance policy can provide you and your family with several benefits. Some health insurance policies exclude coverage for certain treatments or surgeries. If this is the case for you, be sure to speak to your policy representative about whether a waiver may be available. A good health insurance policy will help cover costs related to lost income due to an illness or injury, which can significantly impact finances and quality of life. Policies often have provisions extending benefit periods in the event of long-term illnesses or conditions, which can give you peace of mind during difficult times.

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