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6 Wedding Anniversary Ideas That’ll Make for an Unforgettable Day

With a wedding anniversary shortly approaching, you’ve most likely found yourself scrambling for ideas on how to spend it. If it’s your first wedding anniversary, your 50th, or anything in between, you want to come up with a wonderful way to celebrate it with your spouse. 

Coming up with good wedding anniversary ideas is even harder for those who’ve been married for several years because it’s common to want to top how you spent it last year. You need some new ideas that’ll help you plan something unique and enjoyable. Forget a simple night out for an anniversary dinner. It’s time to switch it up and do something new! 

Continue reading below for 6 new wedding anniversary ideas that’ll help make your day one to remember. 

1.A Revisit to Your First Date

Do you remember where you met your spouse for the first time? Where did the two of you go on your first date? Think about these two times and then start planning a way to recreate either of these experiences.  

This is a great idea for couples who may have forgotten what brought them together at the beginning of the relationship. If this place no longer exists, you can still recreate the date. Find something that’s as similar as possible and make it happen.  

Be sure to bring up old conversations and other things that may have happened on the first date. This is a good way to get a blast from the past and remember why you two love each other so much. 

2.A Renewal of Wedding Vows 

A renewal of wedding vows is most commonly done on an anniversary that marks a milestone. This could be on your 10th anniversary, 20th, 50th, and so on. It shows that after all of these years, you two still enjoy being with one another and would marry each other again if given the opportunity. 

Renewing vows is another great way to remember what made you two fall so in love in the first place. If this sounds like something you’d like to do but don’t feel like you’ve hit a major milestone in your marriage yet, don’t panic. 

There’s no rule saying that you have to be married for a certain amount of years before renewing vows. If you’ve been married for 2 and would like to plan a renewal of vows, go for it!

3.A Custom-Made Item 

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve been spinning the wheels in your mind trying to come up with a good gift to give your significant other on your anniversary. Don’t get sucked into store gift sets and other basic items. Your spouse deserves something special and something that comes from the heart. 

What better way to show how special he or she is to you other than creating a custom-made item for them. Giving him or her a one of a kind gift is something that he or she will appreciate and will keep close to his or her heart. 

One good idea for a custom-made gift is to take iron on embroidered patches and make your spouse a shirt, jacket, or other clothing items that he or she will cherish for a lifetime. 

4.A Photoshoot 

Years go by a lot faster than you believe, and before you know it, you’ll be married for 60 years! That’s a lot of time and memories spent together in between. Don’t let these years pass by without a way to fully remember them. 

With that being said, consider doing a yearly photoshoot each anniversary to see how much the two of you have changed over the years and to see how much you have grown with one another. Choose places that have some type of significance to them between the two of you. 

Create a list and then visit these places for your photoshoot. Another good idea is to visit a few of your favorite places that you’ve visited throughout that year. It’ll be an awesome thing to look back on each year to see what changed and what didn’t. 

5.A New Experience Together

It’s easy to fall into the same routine each and every day. Before you know it, years have gone by and you’re still waking up and going to bed at the same time with the same daily activities in between. It’s time to take a moment out of your regular routine and plan a new experience together! 

Think of something different and exciting. Find an adrenaline-seeking activity to do with one another is a great way to spark life back into any relationship. However, don’t feel obligated to find something daring to try.  

Your activity can be laid back as well. As long as it’s something new for both of you to do together, it’ll work out just fine. 

6.A Night Watching Your Wedding Video

The last item on our list is something that’s super laid back and casual but it is still a wonderful way to spend your anniversary. Consider making yourselves cozy on the couch and putting in your old wedding tape. You can grab a few snacks and a glass of wine and enjoy watching your wedding from a bystander’s point of view.  

Many couples don’t even think to actually watch the tapes from their wedding, but it’s a lovely idea for your anniversary, and you’re sure to have a few good laughs as well.  

Which Wedding Anniversary Ideas Will You Try Out? 

With all of these wonderful wedding anniversary ideas, it’s hard to choose just one. Do you know which idea you’d like to try next? Pick one of these and you’re sure to have a good time! 

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