Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

6 Warning Signs That Shows Your Mental Health is at Risk

It is extremely rare that a major mental illness appears “out of the blue”. There are always early screaming signs that you need help, but many people choose to ignore them, or they are not aware of them to recognize them.  

However, it’s extremely important that if you have any kind of doubt about your mental health, then you seek help immediately. Just like your physical health, you should not ignore it because both can do an equal amount of damage.  

In this blog, I’ve narrowed down some of the early signs that show that you may be suffering from some kind of mental illness. So, if you’ve been wondering, read the following and evaluate yourself if you have any of these signs.  

Here you go: 

Change in Sleep and Appetite 

The most common symptom of most of the mental health problems is that you start to lose appetite even for your most favourite of the meals. Usually, it is paired with trouble sleeping. So, lately, if you have not been sleeping properly and not eating much, then you must take it as a red flag and start looking for a reason. If it is linking back to your mental health, then get help as soon as possible. 

A Drop in Your Productivity  

More often than not, we don’t even know when something is bothering us, but it channels itself in one way or another. If you are able to perform your A-game for a long time and you are unable to understand why your productivity has reduced, then you might want to consider your mental health as a factor. So, stop worrying about your performance at work and start doing something to make it better. 

You Become Extremely Sensitive  

When you are not in sound mental health, you are naturally unable to process things in a normal manner. It is the reason that the smallest of the things start to bother you and you become extremely sensitive towards them. Then a time comes when you are hurt by almost everything. If it is happening to you, then it clearly doesn’t mean that you are weak. If anything, you are struggling and trying your best to cope with this change.  

You Start to Feel Disconnected  

We all have some passions and hobbies in our life, and taking time out of your routine to fulfil your passions and hobbies is always therapeutic. However, when your mental health is disturbed, you start to feel disconnected even from your hobbies. So, it is another important sign that you should not ignore. 

You Feel Nervous for No Reason  

Emotions and feelings for other people are natural even if they are not positive. However, a constant nervousness where you are not sure about even your friends and you are surrounded by a constant nervousness and paranoia, and then it means that your mind is playing tricks with you and you must take this warning sign seriously.  

A Visible Social Withdrawal 

It is natural that when you are happy, you want to go out with your friends and family and have fun. But, if your mental health is not in good shape, then you might start finding peace in solitude, and you may have no urge to hang out with your friends and family. Being alone is the worst for your mental health.  


If you have any of the signs appearing in your life, then it means that you immediately need counselling service before it gets too late. So, don’t ignore your mental health at any cost because nothing matters more than you and your well being.