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Mandy Kloppers

6 Simple Self Care Tips for Fall

Autumn is a magical time for many people. As the days get shorter and cooler, crisp air starts to blow in, try these six self-care tips to help you become your best self this fall.

  1. Get Ahead of Seasonally Dry Skin

If you are like millions of others, you already know what is coming when the weather turns cooler: dry skin. Lower humidity indoors and out can contribute to this seasonal phenomenon, but knowing it is lurking around the corner gives you the chance to take preventative action.

Start by developing a healthy skincare routine that focuses on hydration. Adding a nightly cream can help keep moisture in and reduce signs of premature aging. A high-quality medicated lip balm is also a good idea since it can help keep your lips soft and smooth throughout the winter.

  1. Embrace Outdoor Activities

There are so many reasons to head outdoors in the fall. First, cooler temperatures in many places mean that you won’t have to struggle with heat-related problems. Changing leaf colors are another great inspirational aspect of autumn. Additionally, as days get shorter, it becomes more important than ever to get enough sunlight to help keep seasonal depression at bay.

  1. Enjoy Seasonal Foods

Seasonal foods are a fantastic part of the fall. For starters, there is fresh pumpkin, which is packed with vitamins and gut-friendly fiber — not to mention delicious flavor.  It is an excellent addition to stews and chili and can also be used as a side dish. Winter squash, leafy greens, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts round out the fall lineup of vitamin-rich veggies.

Fall is also an excellent time to brush up on your baking skills. Apples are in season in a large part of the country, which means apple pie, muffins and cookies are also on the menu. If you are new to baking, remember that learning new skills is an excellent way to maintain cognitive health.

  1. Boost Sleep With Cooler Temperatures

Anyone who has ever gone fall camping can attest to the fact that the cooler weather does something to how well you sleep. For many, that something is almost magical. The body recognized cold temperatures as a sign to slow down and rest. In fact, your body temperature actually lowers a bit as your body prepares for bed each night. That’s why, as the heat of summer wears off, you can use the cool fall air to your advantage.

  1. Declutter Your Space

Clutter is more than unsightly; it can also drain productivity and creativity and contribute to increased stress and anxiety levels. Luckily, most people can overcome it with a few small behavioral changes. You may need to spend a day going through everything that clutters your space, but from there on out take steps to keep it from coming back. Create a space for each item you keep and make an honest effort to put items away when you are not using them.

  1. Learn To Say “No”

Learning to say no and reclaim your time is a powerful weapon. Think about it for a moment: Your time is your own, except for when you allow others to take over and control it. Constantly agreeing to do things for people or help with projects can leave you feeling burned out and haggard. However, honestly answering in the negative lets you retain some time for yourself.

There are many ways to take care of yourself physically and emotionally, and the cooler fall weather is an ideal backdrop for trying them out. Bake some fall foods, turn down a few invitations, and get a jump on protecting your skin from seasonally dry weather to make this your best autumn yet.

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