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6 Easy Travel Tips to Help You Travel More Eco-Friendly 

Are you a frequent traveler? What do you think about traveling? No wonder it’s a great hobby, but don’t you want it to be a little more eco-friendly? Being a human, it’s our social responsibility to protect the environment. Whether you’re traveling around or simply doing everyday work, you need to stay environmentally alert.

The question is, how can you travel in an eco-friendly way? What steps should you take? Do you have anything specific in mind? In this article today, I’m going to highlight a few travel hacks that can help you travel in an eco-friendly style.


Pick a Greener Destination 

First and foremost, you need to choose a travel destination. Since we’re talking about eco-friendly traveling, you MUST choose a greener destination. Several places from around the world are fighting ecological problems. They’re also working on preserving the climate.

You must stick to a greener location, consider it the first step in the right direction. Slovenia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Lake Tahoe, Sani Isla, and Ecuador are some of the places that are going towards a greener life. Bali is another travel destination that is working on combating ecological issues.


Ditch the Smartphone 

As much as I enjoy technology, it needs to be restricted when switching to a greener life, including eco-friendly traveling. It’s sad, but people are solely dependent on smartphones these days. In fact, some of them cannot even manage to survive without smartphones.

If you’re traveling around, you must ditch your cell phone and enjoy nature instead. I reckon that leaving it altogether is not possible, but what you can do is limit its usage. Try different alternatives like a walkman and wired speakers for the music, a vibrating alarm watch for morning alarms, a paper map for navigation, and more.

Apart from its ecological benefits, it has numerous mental health benefits. It can provide you time and space to bond with your loved ones. It won’t be wrong if I call it an environmentally friendly yet stress relieving hack.


Pack Lightly 


It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by road or air, your luggage can make a difference in ecosystem health. In simple words, I’d say that every pound counts when traveling from one place to another. Experts state that cars or airplanes carrying more weight release a higher number of carbon emissions.

It is precisely the reason you must pack lightly when traveling. All you need to do is carry the necessities, and ditch the items you don’t need or can survive without. I hope you know that there’s a slight difference between needing and wanting things.

Another way to make sure you pack lightly is to choose a suitcase with a soft shell which is usually lighter making it easier to carry. In addition, they often have more pockets and compartments, which can be helpful for organizing your belongings. Suitcases with soft shells also tend to be more flexible, so they can easily be squeezed into tight spaces. When it comes time to pack for your next trip, consider choosing a soft-sided suitcase for the ultimate in-light packing.

Travel Over Land 

If you’re traveling domestically or anywhere near the borders, I would suggest you travel by road compared to air traveling. Why? Well, the reason is simple. A few hours of air flight, let’s say 4-5 hours, can affect more than a ton of your carbon footprint; thus, it’s not an eco-friendly option.

Apart from that, road trips are pretty beneficial. They allow you to bond well with your loved ones as well as give you the opportunity to explore areas you’ll otherwise miss. What could be better than stopping over in the woods for a little hunting or a night of camping with family and friends? Go figure!


Create an Organic First Aid Box

Speaking of eco-friendly traveling, don’t you think you need an eco-friendly life in general? Carrying a first aid box is essential whenever traveling, so why not carry an organic first aid box so that you can contribute to a greener environment?

I’m sure you’ll be confused about the organic first aid box. It’s quite simple to make one. Empty the pharmaceutical first aid kit you have at home, and load it up with herbs and plants. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Herbs like turmeric as well as THC concentrates work well as painkillers. Such natural substances are free of side effects; hence, they’re worth a try.


Stick to Paper Bags

I’m a frequent traveler and one thing I always keep in my purse is a pack of shopping bags. Although most people prefer using plastic bags as they’re more convenient, they take a long time to biodegrade. In precise words, plastic bags are unhealthy for the environment.

It is time you switch to paper bags if you want to travel in an eco-friendly way. It’s one major step you can take towards a greener environment. Trust me; the earth, as well as the wildlife, would thank you for it.


Pretty simple, isn’t it?
Follow the travel hacks mentioned above for an eco-friendly and safe traveling experience. It may be a little tricky to adapt to them initially, but once done, you’ll be proud of yourself. Let us know in case you have any comments!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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