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5 Ways Weight Loss Differs Between Men and Women

Weight loss is one of the most popular fitness goals out there, with millions all over the world researching it each year to try and make their plans and goals to target. However, the human body is more complicated than many give it credit for, and there are a few differences between men and women that may change the strategy you should approach weight loss.

The Role of Hormones in Muscle Growth

One of the biggest differences between men and women is how hormones influence their bodies since men have higher levels of testosterone, and women have more estrogen and progesterone. These hormones have a bigger impact on fitness than you may think, especially since testosterone is an anabolic hormone that drives muscle growth in the body, which is why men are better able to build muscle and induce hypertrophy than women. Men may also have a higher level of thyroid hormones like thyroxine, which directly acts to increase the metabolism of the body, resulting in more calories burned throughout the day. All of these hormones together provide a total net difference that means men’s fitness goals can differ wildly from women’s.

Basal Metabolic Rate

As previously mentioned, the metabolism of the human body plays a large role in determining fitness, especially how fast someone will be able to lose weight. This metabolic rate is changed by a lot of factors, including the amount of muscle someone has, their overall rate, and their gender, as men tend to have a higher metabolic rate than women of the same age and weight. This is due to a lot of factors, including increased skeletal and muscle mass, both of which consume a lot of calories, and the fact that many more organs, like the thyroid and adrenal glands, are more active in males.  

Differences in Body Fat

If you’ve ever planned a weight loss journey, you may have found that some people measure a person’s fitness or level of fat by measuring their body fat percentage, which is a number that represents the portion of your total body weight that the fat in your body makes up. If you’re aiming to get lean, a target of 10-12% may be a good target for men, but this same target would be almost impossible to reach for women since they store a higher amount of fat in other parts of their body, which is why an adjusted target would be closer to 18-20%.

Difference in Macros

Macros are the macronutrients your body needs every day and include carbohydrates, fats, and protein and the amount in grams of each nutrient that you need can differ based on age, weight, and, most importantly, gender. Part of balancing your diet is focusing on the nutrition you’re getting, but the goal you have to hit may differ based on whether you’re a man or a woman, since men need a higher fraction of protein because of their higher muscle weight, while women will do fine by having more carbohydrates or fats in place of that protein. 

Types of Training 

The type of training that best fits your goals will differ based on your gender. These differences include the fact that women have a harder time building muscle, so resistance training for muscle hypertrophy becomes less important, and high-impact cardio may provide much greater benefits. On the other hand, building muscle for men is a big part of losing weight, which is why a better mix between cardio and weight training is important. By tailoring weight loss programs for men and women to meet the unique needs of each gender, individuals can achieve their weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.


If you’re interested in losing weight, it’s integral to know exactly what you’re doing by making a plan, setting goals, and tracking your entire journey, this level of discipline can only come if you’ve done the right research before starting. However, there are key differences between men and women that dictate how their metabolism and general activity go, and, using that information and the tips in this article, you’ll be able to create a plan that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.  

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