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5 ways to stop feeling inadequate

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5 ways to stop feeling inadequate


It’s a fact of life – there will always be people who are better looking, richer and slimmer than you BUT there will also always be people that are fatter, less well off and uglier than you. This may seem blunt but it’s true. So what can you do about it? You can focus on those that you feel are better than you or you can focus on those that aren’t as good as you. My advice is to do neither…

1) Focus on your strengths

What have you done in your life that you are proud of? What makes you stand out from others?This is what you need to focus on. Celebrate your uniqueness and believe that you are a wonderful ‘package’ with loads of potential.

2) Minimise your weaknesses

We all have something we wish we could improve upon. Acknowledge your weaknesses but don’t magnify them. No one is perfect – we all have something we worry about and feel self doubt over.

3) Self acceptance

Find a balance between your good and bad bits. It serves no purpose to talk negatively to yourself but it really works to make the most out of what you have.

4) Never compare yourself to others

You compare yourself to others through your filter of insecurities. The reality may not be as it seems. Perhaps you are focusing on all that you feel is wrong with you and don’t feel confident about yourself but this doesn’t mean others are seeing you this way. Put your best foot forward, keep the negative self talk to a minimum and enjoy the moment more.

5) Be selective with your thoughts and beliefs

You choose what to believe about yourself. You can see yourself as old and ‘on the shelf’ or as fat and ugly and not as good as other women/men. You can also choose to think about all the aspects that make you wonderful, funny, clever, good company etc

You cannot change what other people do or how they look so work on what is within your control – you, your thoughts and making the most of what you’ve got.


Mandy X

Photo by Celestine Chua