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Mandy Kloppers

5 Ways To Look After Mental Health As You Age


Looking after your mental health as you age is incredibly important, yet often this is neglected which can lead to a wide array of mental health issues, including depression. One of the reasons that people sometimes neglect their mental health is the fact that they do not know how to look after themselves properly or they lead such a busy lifestyle that they do not have the time for proper care. So, how can you look after your mental health as you age? There are a few simple ways that you can do this which could have a huge impact on your overall health and happiness.

1. Schedule Time To Relax

Many people wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and then go to bed and repeat this rou-tine. It is important that you make time to relax during the week so that you can unwind, purge your stress and switch off even if it is just for 5 minutes. Here are a few good ways to do this, such as:

* Yoga

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* Meditation

* Listening to music

* Bathing

* Reading

* Sitting peacefully

2. Staying Active

The “healthy body, healthy mind” saying is particularly true as you age so you must also make sure that you are staying active and eating a healthy diet. You must also recognise your limitations as you will not be able to exercise as often or as vigorously as you did when you were younger. If you are struggling to exercise, then 30 minutes of walking each day can be a great form of exercise, and the fresh air will help you to de-stress.

3. Socialise

Isolation can be a major contributor to mental health problems as you age which is why it is vital that you are regularly socialising whether this is family, friends, neighbours or anyone else. If you are struggling to find people to talk to, then you could find about joining a club or volunteering.

4. Keep The Mind Engaged

You should also be using your mind to keep it busy and engaged which can be tricky once you re-tire. Here are a few effective ways to do this:

* Reading

* Being creative

* Mind games (sudoku, crosswords, etc.)

* Writing

* Trying new hobbies

5. Making Plans

Another common reason that people struggle with their mental health as they age is that they have not planned ahead. This will involve thinking about what your living plans are once you begin to lose independence and handling matters for when you pass away. This will involve arranging life insurance which can be done through specialists like Insurance Geek. By doing so, it will give you peace of mind and allow you to grow old knowing that you have everything in order.

Looking after your mental health as you age is incredibly important as you often see seniors that have difficulties. These can often be avoided by following the above advice and generally making sure that you are looking after yourself and remaining active and social as well as thinking about what the future holds for you.

Mandy X

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash