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5 Ways to Keep your Family Safe when Driving

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Millennials are easily distracted. There are so many road accidents that are a result of a distracted drivers. Even with features, such as driver attention monitoring in new vehicles, accidents still happen. You can keep your family safer on the roads, whether you are with them or they are out there alone with these five tips.

Ensure the Vehicle is in Good Condition

You should never skimp on vehicle servicing. You should take the vehicle to the mechanic when servicing is due when you detect that any of the components are not in good condition, and before a long trip. The mechanic will check the fluids, perform tires maintenance, and inspect all systems to ensure that you are good to go.

 They will also check the headlights, signal lights, and taillights to make sure you will be visible on the roads and enjoy sufficient illumination. Before you head out, clean your car so that the headlights and the windows are clear.


Even after service, you need to ensure you have a tool kit, spare tire, battery jumpers, and tire iron handy in readiness for a vehicle breakdown. You should also bring an emergency cell phone and a charger in case of an accident.

Take Breaks During Long Trips

Fatigue can lead to an accident. You may have a tight schedule, but breaks are important to keep you alert on the road as a driver. When the safety of your family is on your hands, you can never overlook the importance of an attentive driver. If you feel too tired to make the right decisions, park your car and rest for a few minutes.


Breaks also give you the time to look at your phone and answer calls and messages. Because you want to be attentive while driving, you may not have time to check your phone while driving.

Use a GPS Car Tracker

You will not always be with your family in the car. GPS tracking helps you know exactly where the car is at all times when they are away from you. This feature is especially important for teenagers who just got their driving license and are ready to drive off. The systems provide accurate reports, including the exact position.


Although most GPS trackers are engineered to help companies manage their fleets, there is a feature that can be used for personal tracking. Most of these will come with a mobile app that makes tracking easy. With it, you can even set a boundary, and you will get a notification when the car drives past the virtual boundary.

Know and Follow the Law

The law is there to keep everyone on the roads safe. It is easy to pass the driving test and forget the law, but you will need it to keep the family safe. People love road trips, and on most weekends, families might be on road trips.


Following some general driving laws, such as which side of the road to drive on, the function of white and yellow lines, laws on overtaking and turning, how to treat pedestrians, and many others will keep you safe. Simple traffic offenses, such as driving on the wrong side of the road while overtaking, will not only get you on the wrong side of the law but also puts your family at risk.


Observe and follow all road signs and traffic signals as they give you directions on what to do. Check the speed limit, traffic lights, parking signs, stop signs, and many others.

Buckle Up and Get the Right Seats for Kids

In case of an accident, you want to be buckled up safely and the kids safe in their seats. The law requires that you buckle up securely, but if you care about your family, make buckling up a rule. This is especially important for the young drivers who just received their driving licenses. The child car seat needs to be installed right. Check the user manual for the car and the car seat to ensure the seat is tightly secured. This child’s car seat should be right for their age, weight, and height.


As you drive, always remember basic road safety rules, avoid distractions, and be ready for the weather. Again, avoid speed – wake up early to leave in time to avoid speeding through the streets or highway.

McKenzie Jones
Author: McKenzie Jones

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