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Mandy Kloppers

5 Ways To Improve Your Employee Hiring Process

When you’re running a successful business, there’ll come a point where you’ll want it to grow. That means bringing on employees, which can be difficult and stressful when you’ve never done it before. It could be much simpler than you’d expect. Creating and then knowing how to improve your employee hiring process is a large part of this.

You’ll have more than a few steps available to you when you’re doing so, such as having a hiring checklist. While this can often be outsourced, keeping a few things in mind if you’re doing it yourself is essential.

How To Improve Your Employee Hiring Process: 5 Stress-Free Steps

1. Narrow Down Applicants

Once you’ve put out your job ads, you could get a significant number of applicants. You’ll need to narrow these down somehow. One of the more notable ways of doing so is by testing their industry knowledge, which you can do by implementing a small test during the application process.

Doing so doesn’t need to be as difficult or time-consuming on your end, as you can hire companies such as TestReach to oversee the testing process for you. Once you have the results, you can narrow down your choices accordingly and interview the most suitable candidates.

Though that means applicants will need to jump through more hoops, it’ll give you better-quality candidates.

2. Answer Employee FAQs

Before potential applicants apply for a role, they’ll have particular questions they want answered. The fewer of these that are addressed, the less likely they are to apply. You’ll need to go beyond the basics of compensation and work hours, for example.

What kind of questions potential applicants have vary from industry to industry, although you can typically expect them to revolve around what it’s like to work for your company. If you can’t identify any potential FAQs, ask your employees about questions they had before applying for and accepting the role.

The more of these you can answer, the better. With that, you can save time during the hiring process itself.

3. Improve Your Job Descriptions

Many job descriptions all read the same; they’re a list of responsibilities, requirements, and expected benefits. They don’t come across as interesting and don’t do much to invite potential applicants to actually apply. You should go out of your way to avoid this.

You should highlight the overall benefits of working for the company rather than those associated specifically with a particular role. Show potential applicants why they should want to work at your business.

By taking this approach, you can attract better-quality candidates, which gives you a better pool of potential employees to choose from.

4. Embrace Social Media

Human resources has been relatively slow to embrace social media when it comes to hiring. It can be a more than useful tool when drawing in applicants, however. By posting your job ads on your social media accounts, you’ll be putting the role in front of people already interested in your brand.

These potential applicants could already be more invested in your company as a customer, which could be turned into passion for working for the company. At the same time, it could encourage people to share your posts with people who they think are more qualified for the role.

It’s a recommended way of drawing in more potential applicants.

5. Have A Strong Employer Brand

One of the more important wants to improve your employee hiring process is by attracting better-quality applicants. While you can do so by offering a strong compensation package, there are more than a few other ways of doing so. Perhaps the most notable is by having a strong employer brand.

You should want potential applicants to think you’re a great place to work. By doing so, you’ll increase the likelihood of them applying for a particular role. After putting all the effort into the job post, you’ll want to make sure it draws in strong applicants. By having a strong employee brand, you can accomplish this.

With this, you also mightn’t need to do as much active recruitment as you’d think.

How To Improve Your Employee Hiring Process: Wrapping Up

If you’re trying to figure out how to improve your employee hiring process, you could feel overwhelmed. It often seems like there’s a significant amount of factors to consider when you’re doing so.

While that can be the case, everything can be more straightforward than you’d expect. With each of the above steps, you’ll have no problem achieving it.

In doing so, you’ll attract better-quality employees while speeding up the overall hiring process.


Image Credit: Tumisu from Pixabay.