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Mandy Kloppers

5 Ways to Decrease Anxiety and Feel in Touch with Yourself

We all experience that feeling of being overwhelmed sometimes. But one can take steps to overcome those feelings and feel empowered, connected with oneself, and energized. This article will explore five techniques to help lower anxiety levels and understand how we fit into the world around us.


The following is a list of methods you can use to decrease anxiety levels:


  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Sound therapy
  • Embracing what is going on inside your body
  • Taking a class or reading about yoga or meditation

1) Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being totally and utterly present in the moment. It is a way of being more observant of where you are and what you’re doing at any given time. This heightened awareness allows you to live in the present and let go of negative thoughts about yourself, others, or your current situation.


As we breathe in, we let go of negative thoughts of what we wish were going on or were not going on over the past week. Breathing out gives us the space to appreciate how things are right now. Mindfulness is a way of learning to live life in less anxiety-filled ways.

2) Getting enough sleep

It would help if you had as much sleep as possible each night for your body and mind to recover from the day. Sleep is essential because it replenishes your energy, clears your system of toxins, and allows you to think clearer. When you don’t sleep enough, you do not receive the therapeutic benefits of your body’s natural healing processes and can experience anxiety and depression.

3) Sound Therapy

Studies have shown that noise pollution is linked to increased stress levels and reduced ability to concentrate, affecting not just humans but wildlife. Noise pollution can also change behaviors in species that rely on hearing to navigate, find food and survive. Reducing the amount of noise in our environment can reduce some anxiety.


In addition to the noise stimulus, sound healing is a type of therapy that uses music and voice to create positive changes in the body. Sound healing has been used for centuries in eastern medicine. While listening to sound therapy, you will feel relief from pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Some of the benefits associated with sound therapy using tuning forks include improved sleep quality and the ability to relax, which in turn can decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


4) Embracing what is going on inside your body

Many of our anxieties are connected to feeling out of control over what is occurring in our body or to thoughts about the future and how we might get hurt. The idea of what could happen does not exist in the present moment. Instead, try to notice how your body feels right at this second. The same goes for when you think about something that might go wrong in the future; try to keep your mind from focusing on all the bad things that might happen and instead appreciate where you currently are.

5) Taking a class or reading about yoga or meditation

If you’re on the fence about trying any method, consider looking into a course such as Meditation for Beginners or Mindfulness, as its lessons have proven to be extremely helpful to many people. You might also consider reading about yoga and meditation books to increase your knowledge of the subject. This will help you better understand what is happening inside you and how it relates to your life.

Why Is It Important To Decrease Anxiety?

By being mindful of what is happening in your body, mind, and emotions, you will be able to let go of the stresses in your life that can negatively affect your health. Anxiety and stress are significant factors in the onset of many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. By improving your awareness of how you think about your life, you will have a more powerful way to live that allows for more clarity and increased energy.


In conclusion, anxiety is a part of life and can be helpful sometimes, such as when we need to get something done. However, it can also be detrimental to our daily lives and relationships with others if we are not careful. Remember: Your emotions are all part of you, and you are your primary source of power. Stay positive and look for ways to reduce the adverse effects of anxiety by taking the steps mentioned above.

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