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5 Ways Long-Term Alcohol Use Takes a Toll on Your Body

Consuming too much alcohol can destroy your health in irreparable ways. The toll it takes on the body varies, and will always be exacerbated by unrelated health conditions. Learn the facts about alcohol, and you’ll be less likely to fall victim to overconsumption.

Body Multitasking Drops

The body is great at multitasking when alcohol isn’t involved. That is why the best drug and alcohol rehab program in the nation focuses on balance. Once you consume alcohol, metabolizing becomes the top priority. This slows everything else down, and makes other processes a low priority. Alcohol can’t be stored like other proteins, so it becomes nothing more than a tourist as it passes through your liver. When a lot of alcohol is consumed, the actual effects take on a completely different form.

Gut Bacteria Grows

A lot of alcohol in a short amount of time will damage the liver. As your body slows down to take on the extra load, it puts the liver into overdrive. And with other bodily functions put on low priority, bacteria in your gut becomes a serious problem. In small amounts, bacteria from alcohol will be flushed out like any other invader. But when it sticks around for too long, the bacteria in your gut can lead to liver damage.

Heart Problems

Heart problems can be caused and prevented with alcohol consumption. For years, doctors have recommended red wine in moderation to keep the heart healthy. The key word is moderation, since the abuse of any alcoholic beverage can damage the heart. When the heart becomes weak from alcohol consumption, it opens the doors to long-term blood pressure problems. Alcohol related heart problems are usually tied to other failing organs like the liver. When the abuse of alcohol is at its worst, total organ shutdown is an absolute possibility.


An inflammation in the pancreas is called pancreatitis. It is a painful health condition that can turn chronic without proper medical attention. Three of the most common symptoms are steatorrhea, abdominal pain and sudden weight loss. Alcoholism is listed as a strong cause of the condition, and one of the main reasons the pancreas stops functioning. In large quantities, alcohol becomes poison to the pancreas as it goes through the body. Once the point of no return is reached, the condition becomes one of many that breaks down overall health.

Immune System Issues

Overconsumption is more than just having too much alcohol in a single day. When a body becomes dependent on alcohol, the immune system suffers. Without that protective barrier, illnesses are in a better position to penetrate your defenses. Frequent drinks beyond moderation will slowly break down the immune system beyond what it can repair. With viruses like COVID-19 still going strong, a weak immune system is a dangerous thing to have.

Take Care of Your Health

Once alcohol takes control of your life, it can be a hassle to get everything under control. Help is always an option for victims of alcohol abuse. Before it gets to that point, regulate the amount of alcohol allowed in your system.


Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash 

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