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5 Tips to Stay Physically and Mentally Fit Before your Wedding

Here at Thoughts on Life and Love, we have  5 tips for you with regards to staying physically and mentally fit before your wedding. We have you covered from meditation to meeting your caterers and even give advice on how to communicate with your husband to be pre wedding.

Make everything simple

Take larger goals and split them into smaller, more manageable tasks. This will take stress off of you and anyone else who is involved in the planning while making you feel more accomplished as you successfully complete smaller goals. Take advantage of wedding planning guides and checklists to stay on track and prepare without getting distracted. Try keeping your guest list small and your menu simple. If you need more ideas or help to simply your wedding planning check out this list of 13 Ideas from Zen Habit.


If you are feeling stressed or anxious consider adding daily meditation into your fitness routine. A simple ten minutes when waking up and before bed will have dramatic effects on you both mentally and physically. Meditation promotes an emotional well being by reducing stress and anxiety while preventing emotional eating and urges to smoke. It builds a healthier body by improving immune system, breathing and heart rate and lessens inflammatory diseases. Use meditation to strengthen your mind and aid you in ignoring distraction. Daily meditation will help you keep your head during the craziness of wedding planning.

Find out more about how to stay physically fit so that you can rock that wedding dress.

Eat enough protein

High protein diets have been popular since nutritional planning has existed as is a diet favored by any brides to be. Your body needs large amounts of it to begin with but their nutrient has many benefits that keep brides around the globe glowing and happy. A high protein diet helps hair and nails grow shiny and strong while repairing damaged tissue. It’s also an important building block in sculpting that lean, muscular body you want when walking down the aisle.

When headed to the caterers, go on a full stomach

Have you heard the saying “never go grocery shopping on a empty stomach”? The same applies when meeting your caterers. Make sure you attend that meeting on a full stomach. You don’t want to add unnecessary items and expenses to the menu just because you are hungry right in that moment. Remember to plan, and prepare.

Set aside time for you and your future husband

Having alone time with your significant other pre wedding is important. The two of you should consider having regular date nights throughout the crazy wedding planning process. Just be sure that when you are taking advantage of your alone time that you keep the wedding talk to a minimum. Take this time to be completely honest with each other and start forming good marital habits. Your Tango has an excellent article on how to build marital habits. Use this time to talk about what you are looking forward to living life after the wedding.

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Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash
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