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5 Tips That Can Save Your Life at Tinder Dating

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Tinder is one of the top online dating platforms for single people and it has over 6.2 million users. Spreading its wings far and wide in many countries, Tinder has become a common lifestyle service for most of the youngsters.

However, questions regarding safe dating on Tinder still prevail. There are stories about kidnapping, meeting the ex and even getting hooked up with people from a different country. The most common complaints the company gets are listed below:

  • The person looks so different from the profile photo – they are too young/too old
  • The details do not add up. They do not have the job/education/property they mentioned
  • The person is already in a relationship or trying to date multiple people at the same time

All these three complaints are rampant even on other famous dating websites. It is in the nature of humans to tweak up a little about their qualities to get good dates. When people do it online, they believe nobody is noting it and the dates will not find out easily.

Safe Tinder Dating Tips

Men usually tend to emphasize more their physical attributes, property, education and job, while women tend to showcase themselves as extremely polite, nice and unbelievingly beautiful.

Don’t take slight flirty tweaks in looks or showcasing themselves as rich seriously. But, ignore profiles that lie too much. A person can’t be trusted if they are not willing to give any true details about them.

Always set boundaries right when you start to chat and do not encourage contempt and disrespect at any cost. Meet only in public places and do not go alone for a night walk or a ride with strangers for the first three to four dates.

You have to take enough precautionary steps while filtering the people to chat and date. Here are five important tips to find the potential dates that are most suitable for you without compromising your privacy and safety.

1.Prevent Oversharing at Any Cost

All adults take certain precautions when it comes to sharing their details with strangers. Keep up the same alertness when it comes to sharing details online with faceless dates too. Do not give unnecessary information about your friends, family or kids. Don’t overshare address, working place and earning details.

It is absolutely wise to use a profile with slightly different details like a fake date of birth, mother’s maiden name and job. Just make sure the details are more or less similar to your original ones.

Don’t lie about your designation or earning too much. Also, don’t boast about the quarterly profits to establish your entrepreneur skills. It suffices to say you work in a decent job or just mention the name of the company.

2. Do Background Check if Necessary

If you are satisfied with the person you are chatting online with, check their details on Nuwber to ensure it is really them. If necessary, do a thorough background check before meeting them in person.

Meet your date in a video chat room before you meet them in person. Ensure you like their personality and approach before going out with them to a private meeting. Use a Google burner number or a VPN service for the initial video calls unless you really start to trust them.

Tinder tends to connect people based on their complex algorithm which matches each person’s taste to a certain extent. So, don’t get too depressed if you don’t find what you are looking for, and keep swiping with caution patiently.

3.Check for Over-Pretension

Always keep in mind nobody is perfect. Be very careful about accounts that seem highly unbelievable. Think practically why a billionaire will use Tinder instead of dating the numerous matches lining up to date them.

If a person sounds too hard to believe, take it as a red flag and prevent judging them as too good, quickly. Most Tinder dating experts warn about people who do some nice things and expect profuse praise in return. Stay away from such personalities and look for normal people with bearable flaws you can handle easily.

4. Act with Maturity and Emotional Intelligence

If you are smitten with a particular profile, do not stalk them and keep pressing them until they agree to chat with you or date you. Act with maturity and accept that the other person too has their choice as an adult. If you get rejected at any point, don’t make it a big deal and demand answers.

Sometimes people are just not as into you as you want them to be. Acting with good maturity might get you more friends than expected, which might lead to other potential dates. Don’t get jealous and don’t try to sabotage the reputation of the others they are dating at any cost.

5. Be Clear on Your Expectations

It is an absolute waste of time to date a person, lead them into believing you are their soul mate and break up for some minor reason. Not sharing your expectations clearly leads to various relationship troubles according to dating experts.

Mention whether you are looking for fun one-nighters or lasting relationships clearly. Having this clarity will help you avoid people who are looking for more than dates on Tinder. Do not lower your expectations just to attract more dates and then feel sad or guilty because you are misleading the person before you.


It is important to remember five main things when you date on Tinder. Be clear about what you expect in a relationship from your partner and act with maturity creating lasting friendships. Avoid profiles that are too good to believe and look for practical ones. Try not to overshare too many details about yourself and do a background check if you are taking the date to a next level.

Finding love on Tinder is possible if you take certain measures to stay safe and protect your personal details. Respect the other person and act with emotional intelligence making the whole experience fun for both of you instead of stalking or getting overly smitten and letting your guard off.

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Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.

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