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Mandy Kloppers

5 Tips On Managing Stress & Anxiety

Are you beleaguered by your busy everyday routine making you feel weary, sulky and depressed? Stressors can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing, seriously affecting your cognitive functioning and your zest to move on in life. The emotional distress & anxiety from bad experiences in life or a hectic schedule can seriously hamper your quality of life and general wellness. Instead of caving in anxiety, why not learn to tackle these stressors that can infuse melancholy and low self-esteem. Well, here are a few pointers to rock your everyday routine. These will make you feel more excited and confident to start your day on a jovial note. You surely deserve some peace of mind and happiness in life. 

Engage in Activities You Prefer 

The secret to emotional wellbeing is to interact with people who radiate positive vibes. They allow you to immerse in activities that you like or want to be engaged in. You can engage in a large renovation project for your office or home. Start a new home-based business like an online bakeshop. Or you can involve in a simple activity like participating in community welfare or attending a charity ball with your friends. That is not it! Take a road trip to an exotic holiday destination! Party it up with your bestie! Or go run a sortie into town to shop ‘off the wall’ accessories! 

Steer Clear Of Stuff That Is Bothersome 

Whether you are a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur or a kid trying to cope with teen anxiety, ‘keep yourself away from irksome stuff’ around you. It could be a grouchy boss, pest infestation, failures in life like a career slump or bad grades at school. The more you think about these, the harder it becomes to let go of the depressive vibes, stressing feelers and emotional distress that engulf you and make you feel bad. 

Learn To Deal With Stressors & Find A Fix 

Deal with bothersome stressors by thinking positive. Instead of sulking about them and feel being a complete failure with no hope in the offing, look on the brighter side of things and find a way to turn these into opportunities for yourself. For example, you can handle a nagging boss by shifting your role or finding another nice opportunity at a great firm. If termites are bothering you at your place, hire a termites Newcastle pest control service. Did you get bad grades? Find a wise instructor who could push you to success in academic areas you need to improve in. 

Take That Much Needed Brain Breather 

While executing your ideas to cope with the pressures of everyday life is certainly daunting, why not take a brain breather every now and then. Balance in life is pivotal, something that can either flay those stressing vibes or turn you into a sulking polygon with a little zest to move on. Relax, give yourself the much needed ‘Me’ time, meditate and eat healthy brain-boosting  foods for your emotional wellbeing. 

Spend Time With Like Minded People 

Lastly, communication with people who can help you make a difference in life is crucial and a very profound aspect of staying on top of your game. If you are looking to ace it, stay around friends, family members, peers, and influencers. They will jack up your confidence, give you practical ideas and contribute to your growth. The more you interact, the higher are your chances of staying exultant.  

Mandy X

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash