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Mandy Kloppers

5 Things You Should Do Now That You’re Well Into Your Pregnancy

Throughout your young life, you always think about what it would be like to have a baby of your own. You saw it all around you for years, and you wondered about the whole ordeal. How it would physically feel. How happy it would make you. The feeling you’d get when you were told or shown the news. Those are just a few of a million things you’d ask yourself. Well, now the time is here and you’ve been able to answer a few of them already!


The first stages of your pregnancy have come and gone. Hopefully, they were as smooth as can be! You’re now well into the groove; you’re a fairly experienced pregnant person at this point! That doesn’t mean you have all the answers, though. There is still quite a long way to go, and a lot of boxes still need to be ticked off. There will probably be dozens of things running through your head at all times at this stage, but here a just a few things you should be doing.       




It sounds obvious, but a lot of people don’t want to sit down and take in the extra knowledge. They’ll be keen on the first few bits and pieces, but they’ll feel as though they know enough after getting past the basics. The truth is, as a parent of an unborn child AND as a parent for the next fifty years, you’re never going to know it all. You’ll be learning for decades! Make sure you’re constantly switched on and picking up new things all of the time!


Make The Baby’s Room!


Amongst all of the pains, the stress and the strains, you can afford to get creative and do something super productive. Creating the nursery for your child can be a welcomed change from having to do the same stuff every day. During the first few months, your child will be stuck with you all day and all night, but as they grow in this world, they have their own nursery. It doesn’t just have to be a place for them to sleep; it can be their little play area too.


Keep Up With Appointments


It can be challenging to do with all of the things you have on your plate, but you should continue to continually see your doctor, your midwife, your therapist if needs be, and other important people. You’ll want to make sure everything is going smoothly at all times during what is a delicate period of your life. If you want to know how the baby is doing, you’ll probably be looking to book an amniocentesis test. If you’re a little tentative about this, then you can look at the amniocentesis risk by Bloomlife to get some more info. You’ll also probably want to get the ultrasound anomaly scan!  


Think Of Work


Even though you have this little beauty growing inside you, the world around you doesn’t stop and admire it. Life still goes on with or without you, so you need to get everything at your job sorted out. You also need to work out just how much time off you’ll be able to have after the baby is born. Money is super necessary, so it’s something to consider strongly before the time comes. 


Think Of Names!


Finally, one of the most fun and smile-inducing parts of the preparation: choosing a name! It’s possible to pull your hair out over this, but only if your partner has terrible choices!  

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