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Mandy Kloppers

5 Things happy people don’t do



5 Things happy people don’t do

Those that are happy tend to have certain strategies that help to ‘buffer’ them from some of the negativity of life. You can learn them too!

  1. They don’t spend their life worrying about the future

Happy people certainly have goals but then they get back to the business of living in the present moment as much as possible. When you live in the past or keep worrying about the future, you aren’t present in your life and don’t ever get to fully appreciate your life as it is unfolding. Learn mindfulness techniques to help you stay in the present moment. It takes practise as our minds tend to wander but the more you can appreciate the moment the happier you will be.

2. They don’t criticise themselves

Happy people have learned to accept who they are and work with what they have. In other words – accentuate their positives and minimise the negatives. They realise that it is wasted energy putting themselves down and finding fault with themselves. Of course, we all have negative thoughts about ourselves but happy people know not to listen to those type of thoughts – they just let them pass and don’t pay attention to them.

3. Happy people never give up hope

Hope is the one thing that can keep us going when all looks bleak. Unhappy people become bitter and twisted and lose hope. Positive beliefs and optimism are vital – something that no one can take away.

4. People who are happy don’t blame others for their problems

Cheerful fulfilled people feel in control of their lives and understand that they are responsible for where they are in life. Sure, other people may have had a negative influence over their lives in some way, but instead of blaming others as if they can do nothing about it, optimistic people realise they still choose their actions and thoughts.

5. Happy people don’t chase money and status alone

People who feel cheerful and good about themselves realise that happiness is all about balance. They like nice things in life but money has it’s place and doesn’t come before people and experiences. True happiness doesn’t come from possessions – it comes from kindness, connecting with others and feeling bonded and understood by others.

It’s not possible to feel happy all the time but you can improve your chances by living in the moment, not overthinking everything and focusing on what is going well in your life. Gratitude helps us focus on the positives as our brains tend to default to negative thinking.

Happiness is a product of what you focus on as well as your brain chemistry. What you focus on alters your brain chemistry. What you focus your attention on is key for your happiness quotient.

Here’s to your happiness….

Mandy X