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5 Self Care Practices for Parents

Time to Relax: 5 Self Care Practices for Parents 


Every parent struggles now under the weight of all their daily responsibilities. Taking care of children, from making kids meals to getting them to school on time is a full time job and when you add to that another job, it’s a wonder any parents have a moment to relax. Self-care has been a hot topic the past few years and it’s about time! Whether you’ve been feeling constantly stressed or not, it’s a great idea to prioritize a few moments of self-care each day. Here are some simple tactics that don’t take long, but can make a dramatic difference in your overall happiness and wellbeing.



Meditation is definitely easier for some people than others. If you’re someone who always has a million things to do, it can be hard to shut out all of your thoughts and take five or ten minutes to be still. A good way to start a meditation practice is to use an app like Headspace, which will talk you through different visualizations. Once you have gotten used to meditating in this way, you’ll find it easier to meditate on your own and can do it anywhere — on your lunch break, after work, or first thing in the morning.



If you’re someone who has trouble clearing your mind for meditation, try journaling instead. The key to making journaling work is to do it every day, letting the words come out as a stream of conscious flow. Get a special journal that makes you happy to pick up each morning. Try waking up 15 minutes early and use that time to write down whatever thoughts come to you. It could be what you dreamed, what you plan to do that day, your goals for the future, etc. If you need some journal prompts, try these. The important part is putting pen to paper before you check social media or get bombarded by emails. 


Say ‘No’


Saying ‘No’ is an important practice that most of us find very hard to do, but it’s essential to mental health. No one can be everywhere and do everything all the time. Learning to say no will make you feel more free and give you time to do things you actually want to do. If there’s something in your life that isn’t making you happy, let it go. This applies to people as well. 


Get Outside


There’s peace to be found in nature, which is why so many city dwellers flock to natural spaces on the weekends. If you don’t feel you have time to take a leisurely walk outside, why not try moving your workout outdoors? You can take a rooftop yoga class or go for a run if it’s warm enough. You could also make walking a part of your daily commute if you normally take public transportation. When you finally do get to use your vacation time, book somewhere that will let you be outside most of the time. 


Take a Bath


While you’re kids are asleep, treat yourself to a bath, rather than the usual five minute shower. Light a few candles, use some extra bubbly bubble bath with Epsom salts, and relax for a bit. Many people like to read or listen to a podcast in the bath, but you can also just close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful silence for once.


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