Mandy Kloppers

5 Reasons to Stay Faithful to Yourself

Slashing his tires sounds enticing, we know. But, trust us, you don’t want to live a life full of regret. Staying true to yourself is really the only right move in this situation. So, we’ve put together a little list of why that is.

1. A Life Well-Lived Is the Best Form of Revenge

How many times have you crawled back after having your feelings hurt? Sure, at that moment, infidelity wasn’t what was bothering you. The feelings you’ve experienced still matter, though. Even if they were felt long ago, their impact has lasting consequences. Besides, if you were never in that relationship, nothing would be wrong. That’s what we told our reflection the last time someone treated us that way. After crying for a bit, covered in tears, we stood up and took a deep breath. Taking a few minutes to let the pain express itself isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes, letting it all out is the only thing we’re capable of in distress. Just remember to focus on gratitude after letting do. For a lot of people, getting stuck in the muck is a real risk.

2. Virtue Won’t Be Going Out of Style Anytime Soon

So many people rush out and try to do the same thing they’re hurt over. After all, why wouldn’t they want to get back at whoever caused their pain? It’s only natural to wish for an equal exchange of grievances as a human. But, virtue wasn’t thought up because it’s fashionable. Living with integrity is how we can feel good about who we are. Without that, nothing in life would be very meaningful. So, don’t sink down to someone else’s level, especially if it’s that low.

3. Sacrificing Our Morals Isn’t a Way to Heal

What matters most after being hurt is finding a way to heal. Unfortunately, many coping mechanisms seem like they’re made to do the exact opposite. Hurrying out to the bar and pounding back a few drinks sounds lovely; we get it. But, after the alcohol snakes its way into your blood, things are different. The composure your sober mind has used to shield you from the pain begins melting. Not long after, so do your inhibitions. That’s when regret becomes a strong possibility, increasingly likely the longer you’re out. Refuse to cover up pain with chemicals and hard music. If you do have to go dancing, make it something wholesome. Bring some friends somewhere family-friendly and dance the night away.

4. Authenticity Has Its Own Rewards

Once it’s almost over, and you’re breathing your last breath, what do you want to leave behind? For us, we’ve always dreamed of leaving a legacy steeping in authentic behavior. As long as we’re true to ourselves, few things perturb our thoughts. Being authentic is the greatest reward you can possibly give yourself. So, if pain is already unignorable, be a good friend to you. Start living without worrying about what others think. That’s how you’ll become who you were meant to be.

5. Being the Bigger Person Is More Than an Image

Revenge has been something humans have dealt with since the beginning of our history. In fact, many of our oldest tales feature stories of tragic revenge. Unless you want to be remembered like that, try doing something else with the time you have here. We’ve all been given a limited span to make our lives worth something. If we’re busy getting back at others, nothing would get done worth remembering. So, put down the scaling feelings. Stop asking why do men cheat on good women? Even if there were a reasonable answer, it wouldn’t heal your broken heart. The only way to do that is by living a life full of better moments.

How to Overcome Someone Betraying You

Betrayed by those closest to us, our hearts scream out as if pierced with searing spears. Infidelity breaks down everything you’ve held dear. And, unless you’ve felt it, it’s indescribable. But, ask anyone who has gone through it themselves. They’ll tell you life is brighter than ever once you’re on the other side of this darkness. So, don’t let it get the best of you while it’s still here.

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