Mandy Kloppers

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Teen Is Underperforming at School

More often than not, parents find it frustrating to know that their children are not performing to their abilities while in school. Some of the reasons why children don’t perform well in school are caused by individual behaviors and personal choices, but there are instances when underperformance is associated with bad company. This article highlights 5 possible reasons your teen may be underperforming in school. 

  1. Bad Company

Some teens underperform in school because they are engrossed in questionable activities. For instance, peer influence may compel teens to skip classes or do drugs, and this could end up affecting their performance at school. If that is the case, visit any outpatient treatment center or speak to a family therapist so you can help your child to get back on the right track. Where possible, you may even consider changing schools to keep your teen away from bad company. 

  1. Stress

Teens usually find themselves in stressful situations that affect them mentally. In addition to that, there are stressful situations that children experience which they keep away from their parents. For instance, if your teen is a victim of bullying, they may decide to hide their experiences from you. The outcome of such negative experiences may be reflected in their grade books so you need to be always on the lookout for declining grades. If your child is underperforming in class, they may be experiencing stress or may be victims of bullying. 

  1. Distraction

Distractions in teens always lead to disorganization, which eventually leads to underperformance at school. More often than not, teens require guidance so they can organize themselves. When it comes to school work, children require structure to aid keep things on track. For instance, one of the best structures is that which allows children to play only after they are done with their homework. 

  1. Absence of Goals

Some students care less about performance because they simply lack ambition. In most cases, parents believe that their teens will set goals for themselves and work toward achieving them but that is not always the case. Parents should know that teenagers are often rebellious. For that reason, they’ll need to be motivated and encouraged from time to time so they can be reminded of what is expected of them. Where possible, parents can set goals for their teens and help work towards achieving them. 

  1. Boredom

Teenagers, especially those who are intelligent and smart, prefer challenging tasks in schools. If they believe that some of the work assigned to them is boring and not worth their time, they will likely ignore giving their best and the outcome of it all may be reflected in their dismal performance. As a parent, you should find a way of making learning interesting for your teenage child. 

Final word 

Poor grades should not be your main concern as a parent but rather what is causing your child to perform poorly in school. Once you have ascertained the reasons for their underperformance, you’ll be able to find effective interventions for improving their grades in school. 

 Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash