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Mandy Kloppers

5 Most Important Steps to Buying a House

A life-goal for a lot of people is to buy a home. It can be amazing to own your own space and be able to have your home as you’d like to have it, from how you tend to your garden to the interior spaces. Buying a house can provide you with stability you may be looking for and can even be a worthwhile financial investment.

buying a house

Before you buy the house you’ve had your eye on, consider some steps that can help you in the process and make the best decisions for your situation. Take a look at these 5 important steps to buying a house:


Determine how much you can comfortably afford:

If there were ever a big financial decision to make, it would be buying a home. To make sure you end up with something you can actually afford the payments on, take time to look at your budget, your income, and other long-term factors to decide on what you can comfortably afford. The important word in the previous sentence is comfortably. You want to own your home and not have it own you, so make sure that when it comes time to look at home’s and prices, you’re looking within your price range.


Look into loans:

People often forget that shopping around for loans and mortgage rates is very important. You want to avoid just taking the first option you find, if there’s something just around the corner. You could qualify for some great options out there like a VA purchase loan or a jumbo loan.


Make sure your credit is up-to-standard:

If you have poor credit or are on the lower spectrum of a fair credit score, it could be quite difficult for you to get approved for the home that you want to buy. Building good credit takes time so if you see yourself investing in a home in the future, start building that credit now. Excellent credit isn’t only about having one credit card and making payments on time; it involves a number of factors, so do what you can to make sure you can get it as high as possible for at least a year or more before buying a home.


Get pre-approved:

Very few people buy a home with all cash so if you’re not one of them, you will need to get pre-approved, to make sure you are able to get the home you want. Lenders look at a variety of factors pertaining to your financial health so it’s wise to have everything in order before you start the home-buying process. From your assets to your income statements, debt, any bankruptcies, etc., can all impact you getting pre-approved, so take time to fix anything you may need to. A pre-approval letter allows you the understanding of how much you can afford and can come in handy when you want to make an offer on a home.


Work with the best:

A big decision when buying a home is who to work with on finding that home. Choosing your realtor is important as you want to work with someone who is going to be able to help you find the best option that is perfect for your budget and needs. You want an experienced realtor who knows all about local market insights, as well as an expert negotiator who can get you the price you’re looking for. You also want someone who can help guide you along the way to the best choice.

buying a house

In Conclusion

Buying a home is a big deal. To make sure you make the right decisions and get approved for the house you want, it’s wise to take time to get everything in order before you start the actual house hunting. These steps can help get you started in the right direction towards achieving your dream of owning a beautiful home.