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5 Mental Health Benefits of Living Alone

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Many people are choosing to live alone and most will tell you that this is the best decision they ever made. Whether you are renting an apartment or investing in a house, living alone may confer many benefits. What are these benefits? While some are financial in that you get to spend less on utilities, other reasons are mental. You have peace of mind and many other benefits as discussed below.

1.   No Constraints

Living with someone means you have to be considerate of them. You need to compromise on how you do some things in order to make them comfortable. Well, living alone helps you avoid these constraints.

You can do whatever makes you happy. If you like to shower with the bathroom door open, you can do so. If you like to listen to music at the highest volume, you can dance away.

By being yourself during your alone time, you will always have a good time. Some people living with roommates dread going home because they may not be able to be themselves there. The only way to ensure that you can be yourself at home is by living alone.

2.   Easily Create a Valuable Social Network

Your roommate becomes your friend by default. This is not a healthy relationship because it is only based on the mutual need for shelter. You need to make friends who have the same interests as you. By living alone, you get to enjoy alone time and get ready to socialize when you get out there.

Living alone does not mean that you have to be lonely. You can create a diverse social network. Start by being friends with your neighbors. To ease this, opt for apartments that offer amenities that allow socializing. An example is the register apartments in Richardson, Texas. These apartments have a fitness center, pool, and gazebos where one can relax and chat with neighbors after a long day. Your neighbors are likely to be from different backgrounds so this is a great way to expand your social circle.

3.   Peace and Quiet

The office is very noisy and so is your favorite hangout spot. Home should provide you with the peace and quiet your mind desires often. Living with a roommate may mean that you get home and find the house very noisy. This is especially true if your roommate loves listening to loud music or they are generally a loud person.

Coming home to a tranquil and quiet atmosphere is something everybody should value. You can relax and enjoy some peace of mind at your house. You cannot be stressed at work and at home. Make an informed decision to live alone.

4.   Self Identity

What are your hobbies? What is your favorite meal? Think of the answers as what you genuinely love. Not what you and your friends love. It is easy to lose yourself when you are constantly spending time with people. Some time alone can help you reflect and identify who you are.

By spending time alone at home, you will be able to easily identify your strengths and weaknesses. Later, focus on improving your weaknesses and letting your strengths show.

Your emotions will not always be clear around people. Your judgment may be crowded by what people say or do. Taking some time alone at home gives you the chance to reflect on your feelings. You get clarity and can tell who the people in your life really are.

5.   Work from Home in a Productive Environment

More people than ever are working from home. If you are one of them then you must know the importance of having the right atmosphere. You need a quiet place where you can concentrate on your work. Are you thinking that the study room in your family house may do the trick? No, someone could walk in at any time and distract you. Also, you cannot wear your pajama shorts in the bottom and an official shirt and blazer on the top, like you would in your own space.

Solo living allows you to be productive as you work from home. With proper work from home etiquette, you can ace this venture in a quiet place that is free from any distractions.


Living alone confers many mental health benefits. You have the freedom to do what you want, appreciate yourself as a person, and have a chance to create a meaningful social circle. Remember that living alone does not mean you stay alone all the time. Create time to get out there and interact with other people.


Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.

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