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5 Health Benefits to Getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste products and toxins from the body. Unlike blood, which is pumped from the heart, lymph relies on the movements of your smooth muscles to circulate the body. Some conditions may cause lymph to build up in the arms or legs where it causes swelling. When that happens lymph drainage massage can help you get relief.

Improve the Body’s Immune System

A lymph drainage massage is done on areas of the body with lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are located behind your ears, in your chest, throat, arms, and several other parts. The function of the nodes is to remove toxins from the blood to keep your health in check. When you massage the nodes, you enhance blood flow to them. With increased blood flow, the lymph nodes can cleanse more blood. You can use the massage to improve your health when you suffer from conditions, such as inflammation, flue, and dull skin among others.

For people with skin problems, massage can improve your skin. The increased circulation and the removal of toxins ensure that you get better skin.

Reduce Water Retention and Bloating

After a lymphatic drainage massage, you may look smaller than you normally are. Although there is no fat loss from the process, the massage reduces the body tissues’ water retention capacity and bloating. This will have a temporary slimming effect. According to beauty experts, the massage can promote contouring and relaxation, which makes you appear slimmer. This is not a solution to people who are overweight, but a temporary solution to someone who needs to appear slimmer for a day or two.

If you combine massage and exercise, you will see better results when it comes to weight loss. With no fluid retention, your feet and arms will not appear swollen.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling not only makes you look bigger but can also interfere with the working of your body tissues. People suffering from lymphedema suffer from swollen legs or arms. Pregnant women and people with arthritis also experience swelling in their limbs. These people will experience relief after a lymphatic drainage massage.

The massage reduces the buildup of lymphatic fluid. After a massage, the lymph fluid flows smoothly, which ensures specific body parts do not remain swollen. As the fluid flows, it removes toxins and waste products, leaving your body healthier. The faster the fluid flows through your body, the faster it cleanses the body and reduces swelling and several other conditions.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Migraines

Generally, massage relieves stress and anxiety. The way experts apply pressure on certain parts of the body during this massage makes it easier to relieve pain, soreness, and cramping immediately. The massage leaves the muscles relaxed and blood circulating better in your body. This relieves you of stress and anxiety.

Migraines result when the sympathetic nervous system is overexcited as a result of neurotransmitters that do not work. The massage suppresses your sympathetic nervous system thereby reducing the pain signals that go to your brain. If you have the massage often, you will reduce the problem of persistent migraines.

Improve Overall Health

There are so many other conditions that this massage can correct. For starters, it can help conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic venous insufficiency among other conditions. For lactating mothers, this massage helps them breastfeed better, thanks to the activation of the lymph nodes below the breasts. The blood that comes to the breast is purified to ensure that only quality breast milk is produced for the baby.

Most of the health benefits you get from this massage are almost instant. Some are long-term, but others are temporary. For instance, you will temporarily look slimmer unless you change your diet and workout. The massage ensures that the blood vessels and the body tissues are in good working condition to promote overall health.

There are various forms of lymph drainage massage. These massage techniques target different areas of the body, depending on what you need to achieve. When you book a massage session, an expert will walk you through the different techniques and help you choose the best one for your condition. Some of the techniques you will experience include stretching, cupping, gliding, and compressing.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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