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5 Great Tips and Tricks for First Time Moms

When you’re a first-time mother, there are so many emotions to grapple with. Of course, you’re anticipating the day you’ll hold your bundle of joy. However, there’s also a feeling of total fear regarding the actual delivery process. Plus, once you take the baby home, you have to keep them alive. It might sound trivial, but these are some of the most authentic emotions first-time moms deal with. If you’re in the position where you’re a first-time mom, consider the following tips and tricks.

1. Become Informed (Not Inundated)

Once a woman learns that she is pregnant, it’s not uncommon for her to run to the nearest bookstore or library to snag all of the books on what to expect. While it’s really helpful to do the research and learn as much as you can, know that there will be scenarios and situations that’ll catch you off-guard. If your infant gets sick, it’s okay to call your doctor or go with your gut. Google has a lot of answers, but not everything is applicable to your situation. Don’t inundate yourself with information.

2. Build a Supportive Team

An African proverb famously says that it takes a village to raise a child. If you have a tight-knit family circle who is willing to help, receive help on your terms. Know what help looks like for you. If a family member offering help involves preparing meals or doing laundry, let them know. If you’re uncomfortable with anyone watching your baby in the first few months, that’s completely understandable. Do what feels comfortable, but don’t hesitate to embrace the help that’s available.

Building a supportive team also involves your professional team. Find the right OBGYN in your area. For instance, if you live in Virginia you might search a OBGYN in Virginia that will make you feel comfortable through the entire process. If you’d like to take birthing classes, your professional team should be able to provide the right resources. If you’re working out through your pregnancy and postpartum, it’s helpful to have a trainer who knows how to deal with women throughout the stages. Your team can even involve a hairdresser who doesn’t mind traveling to your home when you’re too tired to drive to a salon. There are services for everything you can imagine you’ll need within your price range.

3. Use Delivery Services

When you’re a hands-on mother, you won’t have as much time or flexibility to move the same way you used to. Knowing this, it’s a great idea to utilize delivery services. Even if you can easily go to the grocery store to pick up a few items, the time and energy it takes can be more exhausting when you’re caring for a little one. The more things you can outsource, the lighter your load will be. Don’t be ashamed to use same-day delivery services to your advantage. Convenience will continue to be a growing trend in commerce. Use it.

4. Develop a Routine/Rhythm

Even though many newborns have extremely sporadic sleeping schedules, it is possible to sleep-train your baby. Whether you opt to sleep-train or not, find a rhythm or schedule that seems to work for your baby. Children thrive off of routines. Try to do some of the same things every single day like naptimes, the use of black-out curtains and sleep machines. As you and your baby develop a rhythm, figure out a way to thrive within those confines. Don’t wish for something different. You’ll waste time when you could be focusing on how to maximize the time and energy you have.

5. Prioritize Mental Health

Your mental health really matters in the grand scheme. Make a mental health professional a part of your professional team. During that first year, a lot of women struggle with postpartum depression. Instead of wondering if you’re in that space, make plans to talk to a mental health professional who can help you make it maintain a pulse on your emotions during the postpartum journey. It’s also wise to consider taking certain vitamins and supplements that can help with anxiety and other mental concerns. Fresh air, exercise, and a nutritious diet can also be steps you can take to prioritize your mental health.

Utilize these resourceful tips as you move forward. Once the baby arrives and you begin to tend to their needs, you’ll figure out a rhythm that works perfectly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This experience is brand-new for you. Even if it was your third child, there’s something a little intimidating about caring for another human being. However, take it one day and step at a time. You were made for this moment.

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Written by Samantha Higgins