Mandy Kloppers

5 Effective guidelines for parents to raise their child as a global leader

Learning begins at home. Likewise, leadership too. You can look at it this way. The family is like a company while the kids are the interns with us parents as their managers. You might not always see it in action, but our kids watch us daily, absorbing our attitude and behavior like a sponge. At a young age, every child is most influenced by their parents. 

All of it boils down to this – leadership begins with you. 

There’s a strong link between leadership and parenting. Parents hold the key to tomorrow’s future, and it is vital to do it together with the kids to make a change. Here’s how to start. 

Begin by understanding your child

The first when teaching someone is by understanding how they work and which method works best. Every child is different, but still with moldable affinity. Depending on a child’s personality, a parent must learn how to best develop their individual traits and abilities. 

It also involves seeking out negative traits that could become an issue in the future. For instance, being assertive and outgoing is a great trait in a leader, but if the child has lack of self-control it can be seen as controlling and overly aggressive. 

Encourage independence

There are risks involved in business and life – and to be a successful worker and a citizen in the future, you need to allow your kids to take risks and experience failure. When parents go overboard in protecting their children, they’re setting their kids to become dependent instead. 

This can lead to issues in the future as they may grow up with difficulties on facing problems and experiencing failure. Setbacks are crucial to succeed as a leader. On the other hand, be careful not to rub it in their face either. Provide support for your child when they do fail. 

Appreciate every effort

It is always good to offer appreciation when due and be open to giving praise when your children achieve something. This will build a healthy sense of self-esteem. In any case, do not pile empty praises as this can lead to boasting. 

Children need to develop confidence in themselves and gain the self-confidence crucial to realize their full potentials, but if you gush every time, they do something simple, it will only lead to confusion and false confidence. 

Plan more activities

 It will be easier to identify with your child’s interests and dislikes if you go on activities with them. Encourage your child to partake in team activities, examples of which are scouting troops, sports or even camping trips. 

Enroll them in a good school

This is a given. However, many parents would still choose any school that is nearest to their home. The education institution where you enroll your kid plays as much part in making him or her a leader like your home. If you’re an expat or even a resident in Singapore looking for school options, consider enrolling your children to Singapore International School like Global Indian International School (GIIS), which offers the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum that’s perfect for any stage of a child’s education. 


Many leaders serve as parents, daily balancing a daily workload with family dinners and ball games. As parents, we must realize the influence we have over our kids. Cliché as it is, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. This is especially true if those children have parents who are leaders. Teaching them as young as they are can make all the difference. 

Mandy X

Photo by Gabriel Baranski on Unsplash