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5 Benefits of Going on a Wellness Retreat Getaway This Summer

Each year millions of people go on holiday to take a break from the busyness of their everyday lives, but gone are the days of jam-packed, booze filled party breaks.Instead more people than ever are looking for holidays that allow you to come home feeling rested, refreshed – with searches for ‘wellness retreats’ on Google up 316% in the past month.Unlike regular holidays that allow you to simply take a break, wellness retreats are intentional vacations, taken with the purpose of offering a deep and more meaningful experience. 

With this in mind, the wellbeing-guides at Private Rehab Clinic, Delamere, have outlined the numerous benefits of embarking on such a retreat – surrounding yourself with nature, or simply enjoying an abundance of nutritious food. 

  1. Break old habits, routines and thought patterns

Wellness retreats are renowned for allowing people to break free from the outside world and reconnect with themselves – so what better place to go if you are looking to kick a bad habit?

At a wellness retreat you could find yourself learning new coping mechanisms and lifestyle changes you can bring back to your everyday life, that allow you to break free from habits that simply do not serve you a purpose anymore, for instance, binge drinking. 

  1. Improvements to diet and lifestyle 

Working 9-5 every day, many of us would admit to getting into a slump when it comes to eating throughout the week, because we feel too tired to cook a nutritious meal after a hard day. 

However, going on a wellness retreat this summer has the potential to expose you to a host of different foods and recipes, as eating fresh and tasty dishes are often a priority on these getaways.

Not only that, but compared to regular vacations where you quite often come home with unhealthier habits than before they went, retreats often give you improved dietary habits that you can continue in your everyday life. 

  1. Digital Detox 

Many studies have shown that a staggering number of people across the globe are close to work burnout because they are taking on too much, and are not giving themselves enough time to recharge and relax. 

If this sounds familiar, and you find yourself checking your emails or overworking, a wellness retreat could be the ideal summer solution.Wellness retreats are often located in secluded areas, away from the hustle and bustle of life, making them the perfect place to take a break from social media, phones and laptops for a few days without any interruptions.

  1. Reap the benefits of exercise. 

While some wellness retreats have a specific holistic focus of relaxation through things like massages and spas, others encourage you to engage in exercise, to rediscover the connection between the mind and body.  

This could mean you find yourself participating in more activities than you normally would, such as walking, cycling, swimming and yoga. 

As you would be engaging in these activities with lots of other people, you could begin to associate exercise with happiness and enjoyment, rather than a rigorous chore that you want to be over and done with. 

  1. Reconnect with your creative side

Due to the business of everyday life, lots of people can feel as though they never have time to indulge in a creative outlet, such as reading, writing, painting etc, as they are always too tired to do so after work. 

However, getting away on a wellness retreat – especially one that specialises in art therapy or writing classes – could offer crucial advice on how to balance your passion projects with working throughout the day.


Content courtesy of: https://delamere.com/blog/2023-wellness-report


Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

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