Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

5 Apps To Support Your Wellbeing

To improve your wellbeing, you must support your body and mind and strive to be the healthiest version of yourself possible. The journey to wellness isn’t always an easy road, but with perseverance, you’ll soon gain momentum. You might want to perfect your exercise regime, learn to meditate, or improve your nutritional health. Whatever your goal may be, these five apps can offer support and guidance.


  1. Headspace


Headspace is a great meditation app that allows you to learn the basics of meditation and ease your levels of stress. You’ll find guided practices and mindfulness concepts to use in your everyday life. Headspace also offers sleep music and nature soundtracks to help users to feel calm and peaceful before bedtime. Whether you’re struggling from insomnia or finding it hard to ‘live in the now,’ Headspace can help. 


2 . Noom


Noom is a food and nutrition themed app which can help you to eat healthier and get in better shape. Using the app, you’ll get a personalized plan based on your answers to various questions. You can log exercise, get health-coaching, and track the food you eat. The idea behind the app is all about making achievable and long-term lifestyle changes, as opposed to short-term fixes. Noom is also pretty fun because there are a number of interactive quizzes to keep things interesting!

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  1. The Fabulous


The Fabulous is a self-care app which coaches you through a variety of wellness journeys. Whether you want to eat healthier, set career goals, or feel more energized, The Fabulous can show you how. With plenty of tips and hacks to offer, you’ll soon have this app as part of your wellbeing regime. When you put time and effort into your self-care practices, you’ll quickly improve your mental health.


  1. VNutrition 


Ever wanted to try a vegan diet? With VNutrition, you’ll learn the best way to do just this. Some people choose a vegan diet to practice a more eco-friendly lifestyle, while others believe it’s the healthiest option. Many people aren’t sure how to approach the diet when they get started, which is why this app is such an excellent resource of support. You’ll get recipes, tips and find out about the best supplements and nutrients which you should focus on.


  1. C25K


An awesome fitness program which turns couch potatoes into 5K runners in just eight short weeks! Like the idea of running but not sure if you’re up to it? Why not give the app a try and brave the challenge! C2K offers a program based on working out for 40mins three times a week. It’s simple to track your progress, get running tips, and, best of all,- reach a new goal. 

When you are training, it’s vital to have a great pre-work regime to support your health and increase your stamina. Eating enough protein and using yoga to warm-up is a great start. Besides this, try a pre-workout supplement to increase your energy and performance. Companies such as muscle rage offer some great pre-workout products plus some excellent fat burners too.

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