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40 Truths about life




40 Truths about life

 Here are some thoughtful things about life, the world, and the people that live on it that I have learned…


1.You can’t change others, especially if it’s not a priority for them

2. Life is a series of ups and down – accept it and stop resisting the down times -it’s normal. We all experience them,

3. Stop worrying about what others think of you – they are more worried about what you think of them.

4. Children are born open-minded and honest and we teach them not to be.

5. You alone are responsible for where you are in life. Stop blaming and get stuck in with solutions.

6. Live in the moment – right here, right now you are most probably fine and safe.

7. If you don’t work on improving your self-belief you will miss out on many opportunities in life and never fully know your true potential.

8. Managing your negative and self-limiting thinking will make you more mentally strong and resilient.

9. No one has all the answers…no one.

10. Every person, no matter their status/background has something to teach you.

11. Everyone has experienced heartbreak, failure and rejection.

12. A smile is free and can brighten someone’s day more than you’ll ever know.

13. People often make up a lot of stuff and try to present themselves as better than they are.

14. Everyone has self-doubt sometimes.

15. Everyone goes through phases of self-loathing.

16. Guilt is a wasted emotion, serves no purpose and solves nothing.

17. We are forgetting what is important, moving further away from the right priorities. Keep on track -friends, family and experiences.

18. Putting things off just adds guilt and makes the task harder and more daunting. Just do it.

19. What we see of others is never the full picture. Don’t be taken in – believing you are inferior or inadequate. (see number 13).

20. Playing it safe will lead to a life full of regret, possibly with a body too old to do anything about it. Just do it…

21. Those that have the courage to be themselves and live with absolute integrity are a rare find.

22. Be happy being single before you get into a relationship.

23. Don’t live with too much clutter – it clogs up creative space in your mind and adds stress.

24. Happiness is something that you create for yourself within yourself.

25. Thoughts lead to feelings that lead to behaviour. Choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely.

26. Very few people really enjoy/enjoyed school.

27. Holding a grudge allows the other person to continue to hold power over you. Let it go.

28. Life is fatal, don’t waste time – express your love, wear your favourite things…make the most of every day.

29. People worry too much. Anticipation is worse than the actual event 95% of the time.

30. People tune out from their inner wisdom and intuition as time goes by. Learn to trust yourself more.

31. Self-awareness is the key to self-improvement.

32. Toxic people sometimes need to be removed from our lives for our own sanity and emotional well being.

33. You can’t please everyone all the time, so learn to be yourself and please yourself more.

34. Stop indiscriminate people-pleasing – it’s ‘psychological rape’ and leaves you feeling diminished.

35. Learn to make decisions on your own without second-guessing yourself. Even if the decision turns out to be a flop – you will learn how to deal with it. This all leads to more confidence.

36. People and experiences bring more happiness than material possessions in the long run.

37. If you don’t like someone, it may just be that you need to get to know them better.

38. A lot of stress is generated by the discrepancy between how we think life will be and how it actually is.

39. Having a good sense of humour can act as a protective buffer from life at times.

40. Embrace change, see it as an adventure as it will be a constant in life.

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