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Mandy Kloppers

4 Ways To Take Care Of Elderly Relatives

If you have any elderly relatives in your close family, it is important that you look out for them. Elderly people have varied needs, and many will be proud or feel unable to ask for help. It is essential to help them out where you can, but without restricting their independence. 


Spending time with those that you love is vital as you won’t have them around you forever, It is important that you enjoy the time that you have together right now. 


Make Sure Your Relatives Have Suitable Social Activities 


Connections with other people are essential to all of us, regardless of age. But, when your social circle starts to dwindle as you age, or you have mobility issues that prevent you from going out and enjoying activities, then it can be tough to deal with. 


Help out by finding a nearby senior citizen activity center that they can enjoy. This will give them an opportunity to make new connections or to meet up with existing friends. 


Social connections are great for our mental health, and it is essential that we care for our elderly relatives by considering this aspect of their well-being. 


Drop-In And Say Hello 


It really isn’t too hard to drop by and say hello to your elderly relatives from time-to-time. By just popping in for a cup of coffee or a chat, you will be showing them that you think about them and that you care. More importantly, keeping a connection between you and them is vital for both of you. The last thing that you would want is to wish that you had have spent more time together during their lifetime. 


Help Out- But Be Mindful Of Their Independence


If you have an elderly relative that needs your help, make sure that you are around to provide them the support that they need, be that going to the shop, cooking for them, or helping them to clean the house. 


When you are helping out, make sure you are not trampling on their independance by doing things for them. If they say that they can do something or that they want to do it, to take over and do this might make them feel powerless to look after themselves. Make sure you consider their emotions. 


Find Out About Their Lives


Your elderly relatives may remember the world in a very different way. They will have witnessed a great deal of change and may have experienced so much in their time. Get them to talk about their lives and their relatives that went before them. Find out as much as you can about your family history and ask them some life story interview questions as your relatives that are still living can provide a valuable link to the past. 


Listening to stories about the lives of an elderly relative will also make them feel more valued and that you care about them. Let them talk about the memories that they want to talk about and do not push for stories they seem uncomfortable talking about. 

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