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Mandy Kloppers

4 Ways to Help Your Teen Cope with Anxiety

Any mental health issue in a young person is difficult, and anxiety is particularly upsetting to deal with as a parent. Your teen may suffer many mood swings, bad habits and poor sleeping patterns, and you may feel as though there is no solution. However, the first positive step is recognising the behaviour in your teen and making smart choices towards helping their anxiety. Being present as a supportive entity will make a big impact. 

Here are just a few ways you can help your teen through the process of dealing with this condition.  

1.Talk to Them 

When you first realise that your teen has anxiety, it’s important to speak openly. Your teen may be unwilling to converse about it, perhaps if they feel embarrassed or are in denial, but it’s important to try and encourage open communication as much as you can. The more you can discuss the anxiety with your teen, the better you can try and get to the bottom of what might be causing it and therefore be more able to offer words of comfort and encouragement 

2.Research Treatment Options 

In the first instance, a visit to a healthcare professional is recommended to ensure that there are no physical conditions which may be exacerbating the anxiety. Once a doctor has surmised the extent of the anxiety in your teen, you should be presented with treatment options. This usually includes a choice between medication or natural therapies – or both.  

There are many supportive and suitable therapy options to help your teen deal with and overcome their anxiety issues outside of medication. These options include: 

  • Therapy and counselling – This could be cognitive behavioral therapy treatment or general counselling.  
  • Residential treatment centers – These allow your teen to spend time in a safe and secure location which promotes wellbeing and the right environment to deal with their anxiety with the help of professionals. 

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3. Be Patient 

Your teen’s anxiety might mean that they are angry, suffering wild mood swings and being unsociable, and all of this negativity may be directed at you. It’s important to remember that your teen isn’t being personal, and they can’t help it. The last thing they need is you becoming angry or shouting at them for something which they cannot control. Try and remain calm and patient 

4. Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle 

A positive mindset stems from a healthy way of life and making changes to ensure the best wellbeing for your teen can have a great effect on their mental health – which may help to alleviate their anxiety. This could include working together to encourage healthy eating options, or else encouraging your teen to exercise more. Perhaps you could prompt a family walk together, or the offer to go to the gym. If your teen has social anxiety, having you accompany them to places such as the gym can be a huge relief for them, and exercise will help their mentality.  

Mandy X

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash