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4 Ways to get through tough times


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4 Ways to get through tough times

We all face tough times in life. Times when we feel really alone in what we are going through, as if we don’t have a friend in the world. Often though, the reality isn’t as dire as we allow ourselves to think it is. This is when we “catastrophise” and imagine the worst case scenarios – situations that very rarely come true. Here are a few suggestions that have worked for me…

Accept without judgement

Instead of looking at everything that happens as good or bad, try to accept life’s situations in a more neutral way. Sometimes, letting things go without judgement lessens the attached anxiety. Release expectations and see life as a series of ups and downs. This is normal and for every down, there will be an ‘up’.

Look for things you are grateful for

At times, when life is a challenge, we tend to see everything that happens to us through a ‘negative filter’. Identifying this tendency is a good start to counteracting a negative view on the world. The more we focus on the negatives, the more prominent they become. We become atuned to seeing what we believe.

Look for another way to look at the situation

Always ask yourself – is there another way to look at this? What can I tell myself about this situation that will lead me to feel less upset?

Invariably, there is always another way to see situations. This is known as reframing. Look for neutral alternatives. That rude person may be having a bad day, it may have nothing to do with you. Watch your thoughts. Always challenge them. Watch your ‘mental diet’.

Give something back

Give back to the world. Spreading kindness is a great stress reliever. When we give back in some way, it heals us and helps us to put our tough times into perspective.

Remember that the tough times won’t last. We all go through them and you’d be surprised if you reached out to someone when you feel low, how many will respond kindly. We are all human with our own version of suffering. Don’t go through it alone…

Mandy X