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4 Supplements for Your Mental Health

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When you think of something that could potentially make your mental health worse, what is one of the biggest things that comes to mind? Stress, right? While some stress is good for the body and the brain, when occurring in smaller doses and handled appropriately, if you have long-term (or chronic) levels of stress it can create some serious adverse reactions to your mental health. Even though stress, by itself, is not a mental health illness, chronic stress can lead to an increased likelihood of anxiety, depression, insomnia and issues with the body including headaches, physical pain, sickness and a whole slew of other things. Stress can also increase the symptoms of other, already present, mental health issues like PTSD or eating disorders. Every day, taking care of your mental health should be at the very top of your to-do list, but it doesn’t have to take hours out of your day or cost an arm and a leg to be of benefit. Here are four affordable and easy supplements that can be taken every day to help support your mental health.

Nitrogen Monoxide

Nitrogen Monoxide, also called nitric oxide, has been shown to be able to lower blood pressure and can be taken either as a pill or a powder. With lower blood pressure comes lower stress levels, which, in turn, helps to reduce stress and positively affects your mental health. If a pill or a powder is not your preference, it can also be supplemented in your body in other ways, as well. Upon ingesting nitrate, your body then turns it into nitrogen monoxide so eating foods rich in nitrate, like beetroot or dark leafy greens like spinach and arugula can be beneficial.


Ashwagandha is packed full of adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbal substances that basically help your body manage stress better and help to create a homeostatic state of the body and bodily processes. Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that has been taken and put into powder, pill or gummy form. Taking a gummy at night, before bed, helps to calm your body down in order to sleep better. Studies have shown that when taken consistently for six to twelve weeks, it can lessen the chance of insomnia, and insomnia can cause serious adverse mental health issues especially if chronic. Stirring some ashwagandha powder into your coffee in the morning, as well, is also a wonderful trick that can stave off any potential jitteriness or anxiety that may arise.

B Vitamins

There have been many studies done to see how B vitamins affect the body. From the research findings, it has been shown that many aspects of mood, in particular, are influenced by these vitamins. Energy levels go up while stress and anxiety levels go down, all of which are incredibly beneficial for one’s mental health. There are eight B vitamins in total. Taking a B-complex supplement will most likely include all of them. Another good thing about taking B vitamins is that anything ingested that your body won’t use will simply be excreted into the toilet.


If you like tea, this supplement is one hundred percent for you. L-theanine is an amino acid that is very common in many types of tea, especially green tea, and helps to promote relaxation and lower cortisol levels in the body. While some mental health supplements that aid stress can have almost too calming an effect, as in it will put you to sleep, L-theanine does not appear to do this. If tea is not your preferred form of supplement to ingest, don’t worry. L-theanine is also made in capsule form and with must stronger and more effective dosage amounts than tea has.

If you forget to make your mental health a priority, things will very quickly spiral downward. The state of your mental health will impact all areas of your life whether you want it to or not. Thankfully, however, even these small and easy things will be able to help.

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Paisley Hansen
Author: Paisley Hansen

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