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4 Signs Your Marriage Might Be On The Rocks

Every couple goes through their fair share of ups and downs in a relationship. From fights to petty comments, all are common in relationships. However, know that the breaking point is often tricky. Things may happen very quickly. Fortunately, there are often signs that can tell you when a marriage is on the rocks.

If you think that your marriage could be heading towards divorce, it’s better to consult a professional counselor before you decide, since some signs can be surprising and sneaky. Divorce is often the result of marital problems that go unchecked and get worse. When this happens, it’s not just one person who ends up hurting but both partners. It can be very hard to fix a marriage, but there are ways to find out whether or not that’s what’s best.

In this article, we will discuss some signs which may indicate that your marriage is on the rocks.

  1. You Don’t Communicate

It seems like no matter what you say, your partner just isn’t ready to work on the marriage. One of the key factors of a healthy relationship is communication – ensuring that both partners are heard. If you’re the only one doing the talking, and not listening to your partner’s grievances, the chances are that your wife checked out of the marriage. This is an indication that neither of you are ready to compromise.

If you’re having more negative interactions with your spouse than positive ones, you probably have more questions than answers about your marriage. This may be because the two of you have grown apart, or simply because you have started having marital problems.

Since communication plays a crucial role in a healthy relationship, you and your spouse must be able to freely talk to each other. If your partner isn’t willing to accept or respect your ideas or is not listening to your concerns, then your marriage could be in trouble. A healthy marriage is a result of open and safe communication, deep feelings for one another and mutual respect.

  1. You’re Not Spending Time Together

In a healthy marriage, you spend quality time with your spouse. When you start feeling that your need to spend time with your partner has changed and that you don’t enjoy spending your free time with them, it can be an alarming sign that your marriage is in trouble. Though spending time by yourself is healthy, consider whether or not you’re doing things to avoid spending time with your spouse. If you enjoy spending time with your friends more than your partner, it could also be an alarming indicator of trouble brewing in your marriage.

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  1. You Don’t Respect Each Other

If your husband or wife doesn’t respect you anymore, or you start to feel as if your spouse doesn’t want to work things out, there may be another issue. Sometimes partners are simply unhappy with their current situation, and this affects how they treat each other. If your spouse is constantly criticizing you in front of others, then it’s likely that you’re having some marital issues.

If you both are constantly criticizing one another and don’t respect each other’s opinion, it can be difficult to live together with love and respect. For a marriage to work, it’s important to earn each other’s respect, change wrongful behavior and communicate better.

  1. You Don’t Want To Put The Effort In

For a relationship to work, both partners should put in the effort; one person cannot make a relationship work. If you’re not putting in enough effort to work out the issues that are adversely affecting you and your spouse, then it’s time to ask yourself why you’re not ready to work for your marriage.

A lack of motivation to make your marriage work could indicate that something needs maintenance. You will have to put effort into trying to figure out what’s making you disinterested, and work on it.

For a marriage to thrive, the relationship must be nourished with love and care. For it to grow, both partners need to put in their share of effort and nurture it.


As with any relationship, a healthy marriage is a result of attention, love and care. For a marriage to work, open and safe communication, mutual respect and a desire to put in the effort are essential.

The tell-tale signs mentioned can help you understand if your marriage might be on the rocks. These signs don’t always mean that a divorce or separation is on the horizon, but can be seen as indicators of a rough patch in your marriage that can help you to improve and strengthen your relationship with your spouse, and enjoy a better future together.


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