Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

4 Physical Actions That Will Do Your Mind The World Of Good


A person’s mind is up there with the most complicated things in the universe. This world we’re in is full of confusing and unfathomable aspects, but getting to the bottom of somebody’s brains and inner thoughts will be something almost miraculous. Figuring out what’s happening within the mind of just one single individual would take lifetimes of studying and working. To then do the same with the remaining seven billion people walking this earth appears impossible! When the day comes that we’re able to tap into our thinking boxes, all societies and communities will come together to celebrate the science. But, for now, we’re still making small, significant breakthroughs.  


As of 2019, us normal, average, everyday people can’t exactly operate on ourselves and fix problems immediately, but we can do little things that will improve us. We have our little mental tricks and tactics, but what we don’t physically can positively affect us, too. If you’re going through a bit of a rough time with something and you need a little guidance, let’s go through some simple practices that can make a big difference to your mind.   




Keeping active has a lot of benefits going forward in terms of your mental state. Your mind won’t be immediately cleared of anything, but it certainly gives you a solid foundation to work with. When you’re exercising, your brain is constantly letting chemical loose around the body that make you feel good upstairs. These tiny chemicals are called ‘endorphins.’ They give you sensations that are akin to eating junk food that you like, laughing and having sex. The feeling is also said to be similar to that of morphine. What a healthy and easy way to feel good!  


Eat Good!


Junk food feels good from time to time, as we said, but there comes a point when it plagues you. Getting your diet right can do wonders for your mind in a bunch of ways. Obviously, getting three (or four!) square meals a day will help your brain out – when you’re hungry, you often overthink, worry and catastrophize. Healthy eating also makes you physically healthier, and that’s always nice for your own peace of mind. 


Work With Professionals


There are services out there that can help you out with whatever you need in terms of getting your head straight – whether they’re physical operations or mental stimulation. Just booking an appointment and heading down to a psychiatrist’s office for a chat could be one of the best things you ever did. Physically being worked on could heal your mind somewhat after your body has been improved – it could be a light bit of physio work or a colonic irrigation, the way our bodies and minds are linked means you could have a big boost mentally.           


Don’t Idle


Sitting around all day allows you to think and think and think. When you ponder something too deeply, your mind starts to play tricks on you. You begin to live in this world you’ve created and not the one you’re actually in. Get up, get out, and do something. Anything. What’s happening in your head at times is often absolutely nowhere near as bad as what is actually going on. 

Mandy X