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Mandy Kloppers

4 Necessary Things You’ll Need To Bring When Visiting Japan

What would be the best way to get ready and make sure that your adventure goes to perfection? Other than packing the usual things such as your plane ticket and passport, understanding a little about the culture and background of Japan will help you in your journey. 


When you travel to Japan, one of the worst things that could happen is forgetting the things that you need. Visiting on holidays, it is usually the peak season, and you want to save your time searching and buying the things that you forgot, in the local shops. With this guide, your life will be much easier if you take note of the four necessary things that you need to bring when visiting Japan.  


A smartphone is handy when you are traveling. If you are using it in your home, then you need to bring it when you go to Japan. There are still places that have weak signal reception, although free WiFi is improving.  


You may solve this problem by renting a travel SIM that functions with unlocked smartphones. Japan travel SIM cards have quantity limits, so you may consider reserving one ahead of time to avail of this. The phone is also essential to bring because of its accessibility to social media, and you can also take pictures using it. 


Wherever you go, you always need to bring your watch when you travel. There are lots of activities when you travel to Japan, like going to the beach, visiting temples, going to restaurants, and if there’s an event that you need to wear formal, wearing a watch is a must. 


Jumping from a time zone to another, you might want to consider bringing iconic watches, some of these watches are capable of setting the time of the time zone that you are in.  

Comfy Shoes And Clothes 

When traveling somewhere in rural Japan, you need to wear comfortable shoes and make sure that it is easy to take off. A lot of tourist spots in Japan, such as restaurants, Japanese inns, and temples, will require you to take off your shoes before entering. Wearing comfy shoes will also help you from having a backache if you are wearing shoes that are hard to take off during your trip.  


Most of the bars and restaurants in Japan don’t have a dress code. Bringing a set of smart-casual attire will be a great help if you plan on going to a fancy hotel or high-end Japanese restaurant. You need to consider the weather and activities when planning what clothes to bring during your visit to Japan. 


Make sure to bring along with you your prescription drugs if you’re taking any because it might not be available in Japan. For a particular medicine name, you can always use your smartphone to translate any Japanese phrase or word and ask the pharmacist. Expect that Japan’s brand names are different, so if you are going to ask, you should be more specific. 


You need to be wise when traveling to Japan, don’t bring lots of things so that you can save some space for all the amazing souvenirs that you can buy. You don’t want to regret bringing too much if you don’t have any room left for the new items. Some end up purchasing a new suitcase just for the new things they buy. 


An important piece of advice that I can offer is always to trust your gut instinct. Japan is a safe place, but it’s better to take precautions. You can control any situation and get out of it if you want to.