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4 Most Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Divorce is a time of incredible chaos as both the spouses that were once in love with each other, tend to be at each other’s throats after some years of marriage. There are many tips you can follow to have a peaceful divorce. But, the fact of the matter is that most of the separations are bitter and painful regardless of how much competent lawyers like the ones at executive divorce law firm Columbus are involved.  

There are many ways that you can cope with the pain of a divorce, but that does not result in its elimination as you will have to face it one way or another. When we see so many couples getting divorced in this day and age, a question arises that what factors lead couples to painful divorces. Therefore, we have discussed here four most common reasons why people get divorced so that you can strive to keep your marital life bereft of these reasons.  

1. Infidelity: 

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons why people get divorced, and it is quite understandable as well. Marriage is a pledge of monogamy, and when one of the spouses has an extramarital affair, he or she violates the fundamentals of the marital contract. Therefore, there remains no reason for spouses to live together because the feeling of being exclusive for each other is not felt anymore. Many people ask why do people cheat and there are so many answers to this – boredom, the thrill of the chase, the need to feel desired or because their sex life in their marriage is unsatisfactory. Each relationship is unique and so are the reasons for infidelity.

In some marriages, the cheating spouses manage to get forgiveness from their partners and their marriages linger on. But, you should keep one thing in mind that if your husband or wife has once cheated on you, there is a very good chance that it will happen again.  

2. Lack of communication: 

Communication is the backbone of a healthy marriage, and it starts to break down once both spouses start to keep stuff to themselves. It happens in relationships where arguments are not backed with a sound strategy of conflict resolution, and they keep on building up without any solution. As a result, both spouses start to feel that the other spouse is incapable of understanding them. Subsequently, their marriage starts to collapse as both the partners stop sharing their insecurities and problems.  

3. Intimacy issues: 

Marriages with communication issues will always have intimacy issues as well because intimacy has an emotional dimension that goes beyond sexual gratification. Moreover, it has been reported by various studies that the weight gain of a spouse also contributes to a lot of divorces, because the other spouse does not feel attracted and start to have intimacy issues. In some cases, the spouses with the weight gain struggle to get intimate because of poor self-esteem, as they feel that they are not attractive anymore.  

4. Lack of equality: 

This is the 21st century and women are well aware of their rights, and they are much more vocal in their demands for equality. But, some husbands find it too hard to believe as they exhibit a condescending behavior towards their wives, making them feel that their work is not as important, or they do not share equal standing in marital relationships. Such marriages are never going to work because the fundamental concept of marriage revolves around a perfect union of two partners, who are supposed to share equal responsibilities, and they both deserve equal love and respect.  


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