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Mandy Kloppers

4 Apps You Need In A Smartwatch For A Healthy Lifestyle

Today, we are witnessing a trend transition with fitness apps from smartphones to smartwatches. A few years ago, there are lots of health apps in the market to help us monitor our bodies and our daily activities. The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to bring your smartphones while doing any form of exercise.


A lot has changed after the release of affordable smartwatches as well as fitness trackers in the market. These devices are easy to carry and operate compared to smartphones, and it is also more useful than the iconic watches. Here is a list of 5 apps you need in a smartwatch for a heath lifestyle.

Google Fit

This app will show you how many steps you have taken for the past few days while wearing your smartwatch. It can set your goals, and if you are into running and cycling, this app will provide you the data. To use more available features such as advanced graphs or maps, you will need to pair your Android smartwatch with your Android smartphone.


The best thing about this app is that it allows you to merge data from your other fitness apps, making all your health data in one board. To use Google Fit, you need to pair your Android smartphone or tablet to your Android smartwatch, and this app is available in the Play Store for free.


Cardiograph is for the people who want to monitor their heart rate data anywhere they are, effortlessly. They design this app to measure and to keep track of your heart rate data from your Android smartwatch. On your phone, this app uses the heart rate sensor on measuring the heart rate, and it also uses the built-in camera to do the same.


This app measures your heart rate as well as its speed, and it tracks data from time to time. Using only one device, you can monitor different people’s heart rates by using profiles. Individual members’ heart rate data will show from each profile.

Wear Run Pro

The design of this app is for Android smartwatch users, and it’s a running tracker app. It shows the statistics and detailed graphs to monitor your progress, and you can view the charts weekly, monthly, or yearly. We Run Pro records your distance, running speed, steps taken, and more.


I recommend this app if you want a running tracker app, and you don’t want to use your smartphone. The app has two versions, free and paid versions. I suggest purchasing the paid version because it has extra features a free version doesn’t have.

Runtastic Running Pro

Runtastic Running Pro is a popular fitness app among android users, and it’s a highly recommended app. This app is a running app, and it has a list of features that every fitness and health data should have, voice coach, training plans, live tracking, goals, and more. There’s a workout guide that you can follow, as well as a workout diary that provides statistics and advanced graphs.


Using your Android smartwatch, you can control this app and use the features that come along with it. The paid version of this app is available in Google Play Store, and I recommend this version because of the features that you can access when purchasing it. Also, the free version is accessible, but it has limited features


Smartwatches are undoubtedly a great help to fitness and health enthusiasts. Developers are making sure not to disappoint the users and doing their best to be more innovative.


Well, these are just some of the apps that you can access from your Android smartwatch. With everything right on the wrist, it’s pretty clear that the future of fitness and health services is promising.

Mandy X