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Mandy Kloppers

3 Ways To Maintain Balance in Your Life

Establishing and maintaining a balance in your life is a gateway to living your best life. When the Covid pandemic struck in 2020, people were forced into situations that accentuated the unhealthiness of imbalance in a person’s being. People were forced to stay home, apart from their communities, sedentary and prone to eating and drinking to excess. 

Balance in life helps you to keep an eye on the future, while living in the moment. It facilitates mental composure and encourages a healthy disposition. There are many techniques that you can employ to develop a balanced lifestyle. 

  1. Establish Clear Lines of Demarcation

Everybody has dimensions to their lives, but often the relationships between those dimensions are skewed. Probably the most common example of this is somebody who has the characteristics of a workaholic. Workaholics have a compulsion to excel at their jobs by addressing all issues, all of the time, into perpetuity. There is no end in sight for the workaholic, while at the same time, there is no vision of anything else that life has to offer, such as family, friendships or hobbies.

One example of how a workaholic’s brain prevents them from achieving balance can be found when considering how they might spend an average weeknight at home. If there is a big meeting or presentation coming up, they are liable to spend all evening going over the details, beyond distracted, even to the point of insomnia. Consider how this affects the individual, who is unable to invest any meaningful time or attention to developing relationships or recharging the batteries by doing something fun. 

Taking on student loans means that you want to develop your intelligence. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking hour with your nose to the proverbial grindstone. The student’s life is actually a great window into how one can maintain balance. To become a well-adjusted member of any campus community, a student might engage in coursework, athletics, music or theater, student government and developing meaningful relationships. 

In fact, when students put themselves out there, reaching beyond their coursework, meaningful relationships will develop organically. Here is one of the major benefits of keeping balance in your lifestyle. Simply by investing in other social activities, you’re apt to develop relationships that can sustain you through troublesome times. You’re also apt to find somebody with whom you can share intimacy, which is a massive part of any balanced life.

  1. Consider Your Nutrition

Diet and exercise are crucial to balance. Proper nutrition and aerobic exercise are important for keeping the body and the mind in harmony with one another. It’s been proven that engaging in a healthy diet and exercise routine provides stimulation to the brain that positively affects cognitive abilities, happiness and your sense of well-being. 

  1. Unplug From Time to Time

Today, the world is lived in tandem with technology and computers, tablets, cell phones and other devices are ubiquitous. People get their social needs met through social media, they often engage in work online and use the internet to track down important, relevant and even useless information. They play games online and watch videos. 

While the internet provides people with a previously unthought-of amount of information and options across the board, it can be debilitating in that it causes myopia. Too often, people are glued to their screens. You’ll witness it in classrooms, waiting rooms, in cars, living rooms, bedrooms and backyards around the world. Take some time each day to unplug and see what’s around you. Reading, hiking and laughing with your friends and family are all good ways to maintain balance.

When you are engaging in a balanced lifestyle, you feel good. You feel better than when you’re running yourself ragged with your work or spending too much time playing video games or sitting around in a state of boredom. Balance is the great recharger of the human battery. It can help you lead a happy and contented life that facilitates personal growth and peace of mind.

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