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3 Ways to Ease an Upset Stomach

Sometimes illnesses can be difficult to shift, with symptoms lingering for days and making you feel tired and run down. An upset stomach can be draining and exhausting, as well as taking a toll on your personal life! If you have trouble with your stomach for more than a couple of days, then you should see a doctor, just to make sure everything’s okay. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be eager to get over your illness as soon as possible! Let’s go through some easy and accessible techniques to improve your health and get you back on your feet.


Constipation can be uncomfortable, exhausting, and even painful. It can also be difficult to talk about, so even more difficult to get help for. If you’re ever hit with a bout of constipation then you should remember that it affects millions of people every day. It’s so common, in fact, that you can easily buy over the counter medication.

These medications are safe and easy to take, coloxyl with senna NZ will provide overnight dual action relief using natural ingredients. This medication will fix you up while you sleep and leave you fresher than ever.


Peppermint is as old remedies can be! It works to naturally relax the muscles in your stomach and intestines, which relieves cramps and can significantly ease bloating. It’s remarkable how well the oldest tricks can help! So make sure to take advantage of nature!

You can take peppermint in many different ways. You can get peppermint oils online in tablet or liquid form, you can use peppermint extracts, or of course, herbal tea! You can even make your own peppermint tea using fresh leaves and boiling water.


When you have an upset stomach, you can often become dehydrated, and if your stomach is not functioning normally, then you are likely not getting as many nutrients from your food and drink as you should. Give your body the best chance it can get by fuelling it with water, or even sports drinks to replenish electrolytes.

Staying on top of your hydration is very important when you’re trying to recover, but don’t gulp your drinks, instead opt for small sips so you don’t overload your digestive system. Try to stick to clear, water based, non-carbonated beverages to give your stomach the best possible chance of recovery. You can even try out a hydration tracker app to help you stay on top of your intake.

These incredibly simple steps have stood the test of time and prove to be very effective methods of stomach relief. Next time you’re suffering from an upset stomach, make sure to give these a try. As mentioned, if the illness lingers or gets worse then you should seek medical help. These tricks are ideally suited for mild to moderate complaints, so if you’re just feeling a little under the weather these will work great!

Remember that everybody’s body is different so there’s no guarantee that these will work for everyone, but they’re all worth a try!

Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

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