Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

3 Ways To Deal With Your Emotions

Having strong emotions is a natural aspect of being human. From pleasant emotions such as happiness to less desirable ones such as worry and sadness, everybody has moments of intense feeling. If you find that you frequently have intense negative emotions and that they are getting in the way of your daily activities, know that this is common and that you have ways of keeping these emotions under control. With some discipline and the right relaxation and expression methods, you can better keep your mood in check and allow you to do the things you love again. If you experience anger, frustration, sadness, or any other emotion you would like to tone down, try one of these methods.

1. Relax in the Water

Water can soothe both your body and mind if you can take some time to relax. Public pools can come with the stress of being around other people, so if you are able to install a pool in your backyard, you may find it a worthwhile investment toward helping you release your anxieties at home. You can find pool installers anywhere, as there are pool builders in San Antonio, Texas as well as most other cities in the United States.

Of course, you can relax in the water in other ways as well. Try taking a bath with bubbles and let the warmth of the water soothe you. If you let the mood take over, you may soon find your negative emotions melting away. Whether a pool or a bathtub, try emerging yourself in water to help you calm down.

2. Express Yourself in Writing

To help channel your emotions, try writing down how you feel, either on paper or on a computer screen. Make a journal expressing your mood or the events of the day if you want to let loose some of the thoughts that have been upsetting you. If you prefer not to write about your personal situation, the power of the written word can help your mind in other ways.

Write down whatever thoughts come to mind, or if you are more ambitious, write a fictional story that appeals to your mood or desires. Getting any type of word onto a page is a good way of expressing yourself, and the more you express yourself, the better you can channel your emotions and vent any frustrations you have in a fun and creative outlet.

3. Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Stopping what you are doing to practice some deep breathing exercises can keep you grounded and can calm you down. If you find your negative emotions are causing too much stress and becoming too difficult for you to handle, take some time out of your schedule to close your eyes and breathe. When you control your breathing, you can relax both your physical and mental states.

Take a deep breath, inhale for a few seconds, then hold the breath for a few seconds before slowly exhaling. While doing this, try to focus your thoughts on your positive emotions. Doing so can keep you situated and bring you back to reality when your mind goes in too many directions at once. You can also try practicing these types of breathing exercises as you lie in bed at night.

Calm breathing can relax your body and lead you to a better night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep at night is also important toward having a more focused and collected mind, so make sure you have a proper sleep schedule that you adhere to every night.

Give these methods a try and see if they can help calm your emotional states. If you find that none of these suggestions have helped, try talking to someone you trust or meeting with a therapist. To have strong feelings is a human experience that everyone can relate to, so know that you are never alone and can always seek help if you find that your emotions are becoming too much for you to handle.