Mandy Kloppers

3 Unique Entertainment Options to Have at Your Wedding

Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life. Everyone you know and love will be gathered in one spot to celebrate your decision to move forward in life with someone you love. Why shouldn’t you have a great time? 


The only thing about weddings that can be a little annoying is the fact that they are all the same. It’s the same decisions about what to eat, what to wear, location, and entertainment. What if you were to change that? What if you got a little crazy about what you picked to entertain your wedding guests? 


Being unique is something that people should cherish, so if you want to do something crazy and wacky at your wedding, then do it. Below is a list of three the most unique wedding entertainment options so you can make your wedding sincerely yours.  


Hip Hop Violinist Wedding 


A hip hop violinist wedding is for the person who can appreciate music and wants to see something that is amazing. Having a talented violinist at your wedding is one thing, but having a talented violinist who can rock out to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre is on a whole other level.  


Not only will this person be able to entertain you with the best hip hop hits of the century, but if you have a band as well. I’m sure he or she will be able to jump right in with them to make the music even better.  




What is a better way to spend the biggest celebration of your life than laughing? Comedians have a certain quality about them that even when the show is over, you are still likely to have a great time with whomever it is that you hire.  



magician sounds corny and stupid, but if you hire the right magician and drink enough alcohol, it could be fantastic. When people hear magicians, they think of a top hat and a cape, but most professional magicians are just ordinary people who are good at close up sleight of hand.  



Sometimes weddings can be genuinely boring for the guests, not because they don’t love you or want your special night to be amazing, but because it is the same thing over and over again. I know you don’t want to disappoint your guests.  


Finding something unique, even if it isn’t any of the above options is something that can go a long way if you are one who likes to entertain your guests. Your special day shouldn’t be full of people wishing they were somewhere else. They should be having just as much fun as you. 


Your day should be your day. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not everyone is having a great time. If you do something unique and different, you won’t have to worry; you will know. 

Photo by Kin Li on Unsplash