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3 Tips for Breaking into a Superfood Business

A superfood is essentially a type of food that contains multiple nutrients in large amounts and has proven itself to be beneficial in boosting health in general, or in a particular segment of the population. At times, a superfood can even be a combination of multiple ingredients combined into one product by a manufacturer, or it could be a natural, single source of nutrition. 

While looking at the superfood phenomenon from a purely business perspective, there is ample market to be capitalized here in the United States, where the consciousness for healthy food has reached all new heights in the last few years, thanks to the easy availability of information via the internet. To be interested in the superfood industry is a sign that you recognize this market. Here are three tips which should prove to be useful in helping you avoid mistakes. 

Find an Effective and Popular Superfood 

There are so many superfoods available in the market, but as a businessperson, your objective is to find something that is actually effective and popular as well. Of course, you can try to market something like the cordyceps fungus, which its proponents claim to have anticarcinogenic properties, but it is basically a rare and expensive fungus that grows on caterpillars!  

Not only would it be exorbitantly expensive to extract the cordyceps in sufficient amounts for creating marketable products, but it would also be particularly hard to find a large enough audience in the US to justify such a huge investment in caterpillar fungus.  

Take Advantage of the 2018 Farm Bill 

The 2018 Farm Bill has made things possible centered around the cannabis industry, that nobody thought would ever be achievable. Industrial hemp, in particular, has been legalized for use across all fifty US states for more purposes than one. In addition to CBD having multiple benefits for patients suffering from neurological, psychological, and arthritic disorders, the herb is also classified by many as a superfood due to its positive effects on the human endocannabinoid system, which includes protecting the CNS and various receptors in the brain. 

The Bill has created an opportune moment for gaining entry into manufacturing, distributing, and retailing CBD oil in its various concentrates and forms. Check US Hemp Wholesale For CBD oil distributor information if you want to enter the booming market via retail or distributorship 

Try to Find Suppliers within the Country 

The rule to finding a great superfood supplier varies according to the superfood in question, as well as the location from where it is being extracted. For example, when you import something like the acai berries from South/Central America, you need to have more than one source. Relying on just one source outside the country for your entire supply is a bad idea since they are often prone to failing. Also, due to the geographical boundaries and difference in jurisdictions, it is hard to strike a new deal immediately after with a different supplier. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to get in a superfood business that can be supplied by a reputed American business, you will likely have a dependable partner. Just in case a supplier does fail to deliver, it is quite likely that there’s enough competition to help you meet your needs. 

Awareness has boosted the demand for superfoods, which in turn, has also raised the concern regarding companies who promise to sell products that can cure anything from a headache to cancer itself! Even as a business owner, it is possible to fall in their trap and start selling garbage products in the name of superfoods. Always do your research before committing to the business and marketing the product. 

Mandy X