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3 Tips for a Happy Relationship in a Pandemic

Relationships are complicated at the best of times. For two people to intertwine their lives intimately takes a great deal of patience, sacrifice, and hardship. There will be arguments and misunderstandings along the way, and only the strongest couples manage to stay happy and make it last.


But living in the middle of a pandemic makes everything a thousand times harder. For a start, you will be spending a lot more time together. With lockdowns and government regulations in place, you’ll both be confined to the home more often than you’d like. This might seem like a fun novelty at first, but over time you may begin to get sick of one another, resulting in resentment and bickering. Secondly, you will both be going through your own unique struggles. Perhaps you are having difficulties financially or are experiencing more stress at work. Maybe you are simply anxious and worried about the future. Whatever difficulties you are having, when times are tough it can be easy to take them out on the people you love.


The pandemic has already caused so much destruction, you shouldn’t let it put an end to your relationship too. If you are committed to making it work, there are ways you can strengthen your connection and get through these tough times together.


These are hard times for everyone, and there is no use pretending everything is fine. You will both have struggles – some shared, some personal – so make sure you communicate these to your significant other. This way, you both know exactly what the other is going through and you can work through your issues as a couple. It’s no longer business as usual for your relationship so you should treat it differently.

Embrace alone time

Every couple needs time apart. You should have the opportunity to enjoy your personal space and relax by yourself. But it’s a lot harder to achieve this if you live together. Make an effort to have some time away from your partner for a few moments each day. This could be an evening walk, a trip to the shops, or just reading a book alone in another room. This will give you the chance to get your head in the right place and by the time you return to your partner, you will both be happy to see each other. 

Go on dates

When there are no bars and restaurants open and you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to fall into a stale routine. You end up spending every evening sitting on the sofa watching TV before going to bed. But just because there’s a pandemic happening, it doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort. Have a date night once a week where you both dress up and enjoy a nice home-cooked dinner and a few drinks. Order happy birthday flowers or anniversary gifts and do everything you can to make your partner feel special. 


It’s not easy to keep a happy relationship going, but as long as you are both committed to each other and follow these tips, then you can make it work.





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